Club Officers 2010

Senior Members: Brig. Sir Nicholas + Lady Somerville

Commodore: Robert Salter-Townshend

Hon. Sec: Robert Salter-Townshend

Hon. Treasurer: Freda Salter-Townshend

Racing Secretaries: Michael Toogood, Jan Og Panman, Robin Somerville
have co-opted Mark Pisani

ISA Rep: Ken Cairns

Safety Officer: Tony McKennedy

Assistant: Simon Bunting

At the pre-race meeting on Sunday August 1st, the Club elected the Class Captains for:

Wayfarers – S. Cochrane
Dayboats – B. Thompson
Ettes – J. Gartside
Flying 15s – D. Bunting
Lasers – P. Buckley
Cadets – A. Toogood

The Officers in charge of Cadets: S. Rainbow, C. Toogood, W. Wallis, R. Fereira, B. Thompson, E. Horle