SCSC 2013 – Result: Novice and Second Series Races – August 14th 2013

SCSC 2013 – Novice and Second Series Race 1 – August 14th 2013
ClassNameHelmMins R1Secs R1Total Seconds R1R1 Corrected TimeOverall Position R1
EtteRouletteK Gartside584235222826.651
WayfarerSiolaTom Cochrane531631962902.822
Flying FifteenFfamily AffairS Buckley501430142954.903
EtteLillibetteB Aylmer615737172983.154
WayfarerLady PZach Thompson584735273203.455
Flying FifteenMy Ffair LadyE Stileman575634763407.846
Course: Start W – Col: S – CH: S H: S -- Col:S -- CH:S --- H:S – Finish: W
SCSC 2013 – Novice and Second Series Race 2 – August 14th 2013     
ClassNameHelmMins R2Secs R2Total Seconds R2Corrected Time R2Overall Pos R2
EtteRouletteK Gartside51030602455.861
Flying FifteenFfamily AffairS Buckley423125512500.982
EtteLillibetteB Aylmer53331832554.573
WayfarerSiolaTom Cochrane465728172558.584
WayfarerLady PZach Thompson49829482677.575
Flying FifteenMy Ffair LadyE Stileman471728372781.376
Course: Start W – Col: S – CH: S H: S -- Col:S -- CH:S --- H:S – Finish: W

SCSC 2013 – Result: Ocean Race – August 13th, 2013

Six Boats Start for Glandore in the Ocean Race - August 13 2013

Six Boats Start for Glandore in the Ocean Race – August 13 2013

 SCSC 2013 Ocean Race – August 13th, 2013     
ClassNameHelmsail no.MinsSecsCorrected TimeClass PositionOverall Position
WayfarerPeut EtreWilliam Toogood996286204704.8111
EtteLillibetteD. Dixon798534761.6412
EtteRouletteJames Gartside1399254787.3223
EtteBlanquetteJan Panman1610014816.2134
WayfarerLady ProvidenceBen Thompson98039745289.7425
WayfarerClaretRachel Wallis979498335370.5736

SCSC 2013 – Result: Single handed races

ClassNameHelmOverall Pts R 1Overall Pts R 2Overall Pts R 3Total Overall PtsRejectFinal Overall PtsTie break: Total of corrected times
WayfarerScairbhinWilliam Wallis30.7525.75-32.755599.46
EtteSagetteRui Ferreira0.75235.75-32.755655.69
WayfarerPeut EtreMichael Toogood270.759.75-72.75
EtteLillibetteD. Dixon74415-78
WayfarerAoifePaul Creedon49518-99
WayfarerLady ProvidenceBen Thompson55616-610
Flying FifteenFfamily AffairDerek Bunting831122-1111
WayfarerWhispering GrassNicky Lee106723-1013
WayfarerClaretWilliam Toogood681125-1114
Flying FifteenMy Ffair LadyEmma Bunting9101130-1119

When two boats are tied on the same points, we break the tie using the better of the rejects. When the rejects are the same, we add up the total corrected times and use the lesser of those. In this case, Scairbhin won by 56 seconds!

Single Handed Wayfarer Class

NameHelmClass Pts R 1Class Pts R 2Class Pts R 3Total Class PointsRejectFinal Class Pts
Peut EtreMichael Toogood0.7540.755.5-41.5
ScairbhinWilliam Wallis20.7524.75-22.75
Lady ProvidenceBen Thompson42410-46
AoifePaul Creedon36312-66
Whispering GrassNicky Lee63514-68
ClaretWilliam Toogood55919-910

SCSC 2013 – Result: Sunday Race 2 – The Wallis Cup 2013

The fleet sails for harbour August 11 2013

The fleet sails for harbour August 11 2013

Sunday Race 2 – Wallis Cup – 2013

ClassNameHelmMinsSecsCorrected TimeClass PositionOverall Position
DayboatPa Pa IINigel Young61153062.50-1
WayfarerAoifePaul Creedon56233072.6612
WayfarerPeut EtreWilliam Toogood57323135.3323
Flying FifteenMy Ffair LadyEmma Bunting54183194.1214
Flying FifteenMach FfourGerry MacNulty5593244.1225
Flying FifteenFfamily AffairDerek Bunting55203254.9036
WayfarerClaretRachel Wallis63163447.7737
WayfarerLady ProvidenceBen Thompson6603596.7348
WayfarerScairbhinWilliam Wallisrtd

Course: Start: W – F: S – CH: S – H: S – F:S – CH: S – F: S – Finish: W

SCSC 2013: Result – Ettes sail for the Mahony Cup

Ettes line up for the Mahony Cup 2013

Ettes line up for the Mahony Cup 2013

Ettes sail for the Mahony Cup 2013

NameHelmSail No.Overall Position
SagetteRui Ferreira61
PirouetteJerome Mayhew32
BlanquetteJan Panman163
RouletteJames Gartside134
ColetteJim O'Brien105
LillibetteGeorge Miller76
RocketteAdrian Masterson147
MinuettePierce Butler15rtd
MuckettteMargaret Hannan178

Course: Start: W – F: S – CH: S – H: S – F:S – CH: S – F: S – Finish: W

SCSC 2013 Senior Championship Final Standings

SCSC 2013 Senior Championship Final Standings – Overall Championship Placement

Final PositionClassNameHelmRace 1 PtsRace 2 PtsRace 3 PtsRace 4 PtsRace 5 PtsTotal Race PointsLess worst pointsFinal Points
1WayfarerScairbhinWilliam Wallis0.750.750.755310.25-55.25
2DayboatPa Pa IINigel Young23260.750.7532.5-266.5
3WayfarerPeut EtreMichael Toogood8922425-916
4WayfarerSiolaSean Cochrane42472441-2417
5Flying FifteenMy Ffair LadyEmma Bunting38341028-1018
6EtteSagetteRui Ferreira551010232-1022
7Flying FifteenMach FfourGerry MacNulty7786533-825
8WayfarerAoifePaul Creedon104582148-2127
9Flying FifteenFfamily AffairDerek Bunting914631547-1532
10EttePirouetteJerome Mayhew661291447-1433
11WayfarerAmerican PieRobin Somerville1110723758-2335
12EtteLillibetteGeorge Miller16121413661-1645
13WayfarerClaretRachel Wallis13139231371-2348
14EtteBlanquetteJan Panman181611111268-1850
15WayfarerWiispering GrassNicky Lee171516121171-1754
16EtteMucketttePatrick Taylor19112315978-2355
17Laser StandardWet n WindySacha Chen151815191683-1964
18Laser StandardMan O PausePeter Buckley14221814876-2264
19EtteMinuetteMargaret Hannan271913171976-2768
20EtteRocketteAdrian Masterson211723161794-2371
21WayfarerLady ProvidenceBen Thompson122017232496-2372
22EtteRouletteJames Gartside2021231818100-2377
23WayfarerEau de ViePascal Tchen2323192024109-2485
24tFlying FifteenChristina?2725262624128-27101
24tWayfarerVerunaSiobhan Sweeney2725262624128-27101

SCSC 2013 Senior Championship Final Standings – Classes

ClassNameHelmR 1 Class PointsR 2 Class PointsR 3 Class PointsR 4 Class PointsR 5 Class PointsTotal PointsRejectFinal Class Points
EtteSagetteRui Ferreira0.750.750.7520.755-23
EttePirouetteJerome Mayhew2230.75512.75-57.75
EtteLillibetteGeorge Miller3444217-413
EtteBlanquetteJan Panman4523418-513
EtteMucketttePatrick Taylor5395325-916
EtteRocketteAdrian Masterson7696634-925
EtteMinuetteMargaret Hannan11747837-1126
EtteRouletteJames Gartside6898738-929
Flying FifteenMy Ffair LadyEmma Bunting0.7520.75227.5-25.5
Flying FifteenMach FfourGerry MacNulty20.75330.759.5-36.5
Flying FifteenFfamily AffairDerek Bunting3320.75311.75-38.75
Flying FifteenChristina?7777735-728
WayfarerScairbhinWilliam Wallis0.750.750.7520.755-23
WayfarerPeut EtreMichael Toogood3420.75211.75-47.75
WayfarerSiolaSean Cochrane22331020-1010
WayfarerAoifePaul Creedon4344722-715
WayfarerAmerican PieRobin Somerville55510328-1018
WayfarerWhispering GrassNicky Lee8775431-823
WayfarerClaretRachel Wallis75610533-1023
WayfarerLady ProvidenceBen Thompson688101042-1032
WayfarerEau de ViePascal Tchen109961044-1034
WayfarerVerunaSiobhan Sweeney131313131062-1349

SCSC 2013 – Result: Championship Race 5 – August 9th, 2013

SCSC 2013 Officers of the Day

SCSC 2013 – Flag Staff: Mark Pisani, Sarah Wallis, Caryl Panman and Richard Salter-Townshend

SCSC Multi class Championship 2013 – Race 5 – August 9th, 2013         
ClassNameHelmMinsSecsCorrected TimeClass PositionClass PointsOverall PositionChamp Points
DayboatPa Pa IINeil Young78103908.33#N/A#N/A10.75
EtteSagetteRui Ferreira84134055.3810.7522
WayfarerScairbhinWilliam Wallis7584094.4610.7533
WayfarerPeut EtreMichael Toogood75394122.622244
Flying FifteenMach FfourGerry MacNulty70184135.2910.7555
EtteLillibetteGeorge Miller87284211.882266
WayfarerAmerican PieRobin Somerville78504296.093377
Laser StandardMan O PausePeter Buckley78354337.63#N/A#N/A88
EtteMucketttePatrick Taylor90104341.893399
Flying FifteenMy Ffair LadyEmma Bunting73594351.96221010
WayfarerWhispering GrassNicky Lee79584357.86441111
EtteBlanquetteJan Panman90424367.58441212
WayfarerClaretRachel Wallis80154373.3551313
EttePirouetteJerome Mayhew9104382.02551414
Flying FifteenFfamily AffairDerek Bunting75384449.02331515
Laser StandardWet n WindySacha Chen8424638.45#N/A#N/A1616
EtteRocketteAdrian Masterson97204687661717
EtteRouletteJames Gartside10074821.03771818
EtteMinuetteMargaret Hannan101284886.04881919
Flying FifteenChristina?dnsdns724
WayfarerEau de ViePascal Tchendnsdns1024
WayfarerLady ProvidenceBen Thompsondnsdns1024
WayfarerSiolaSean Cochranednsdns1024
WayfarerVerunaSiobhan Sweeneydnsdns1024
WayfarerAoifePaul Creedonrtdrtd721

SCSC 2013 Result: Mini and Opi Race 5 – August 9th, 2013

 SCSC 2013 Mini Multiclass Race 5 – August 9th, 2013        
ClassNameHelmMinsSecsCorrected TimeClass PositionOverall PositionClass PointsOverall Points
TopperToms TopperTom Cochrane45362083.78110.750.75
TopperAtlantisKevin Cronin46362129.472222
TopperBlue JayWilliam Wallis46452136.333333
LaserMan O PauseCian Buckley4012149.5144
TopperNo Name YetShane Buckley47452182.034545
Topaz UnoNo Name YetSinead McKennedy4562189.3266
TopperBlueberryOlivia Toogoodrtd68
OptimistOpportunity KnocksAbbie Salter-Townshend1
OptimistBananaSam Thompson2
OptimistOnionsZachary Tompson3
Mini Course: Start: W – Col: S – South Pin: P – – North Pin: P – Col: S – CH: S – H:S – Finish: W
Opi Course: Start: W – Col: S – H: S – Finish:W

Result: SCSC 2013 Championship Race 4 – August 8th, 2013

Excitement for Whispering Grass before the start - August 8th, 2013

Excitement for Whispering Grass before the start – August 8th, 2013

SCSC Multi class Championship 2013 – Race 4 – August 8th, 2013         
ClassNameHelmMinsSecsCorrected TimeClass PositionClass PointsOverall PositionChamp Points
DayboatPa Pa IINeil Young67153362.5#N/A#N/A10.75
WayfarerPeut EtreMichael Toogood66473639.4210.7522
Flying FifteenFfamily AffairDerek Bunting61583645.110.7533
Flying FifteenMy Ffair LadyEmma Bunting62123658.822244
WayfarerScairbhinWilliam Wallis67193668.482255
Flying FifteenMach FfourGerry MacNulty62443690.23366
WayfarerSiolaSean Cochrane67533699.363377
WayfarerAoifePaul Creedon68113715.714488
EttePirouetteJerome Mayhew77153719.910.7599
EtteSagetteRui Ferreira77173721.51221010
EtteBlanquetteJan Panman7833758.43331111
WayfarerWhispering GrassNicky Lee69593813.81551212
EtteLillibetteGeorge Miller79283826.65441313
Laser StandardMan O PausePeter Buckley69563860.17#N/A#N/A1414
EtteMucketttePatrick Taylor83514037.72551515
EtteRocketteAdrian Masterson8544096.31661616
EtteMinuetteMargaret Hannan88114246.39771717
EtteRouletteJames Gartside88474275.28881818
Laser StandardWet n WindySacha Chen77594304.51#N/A#N/A1919
WayfarerEau de ViePascal Tchen97435325.16662020
Flying FifteenChristina?dnsdns727
WayfarerAmerican PieRobin Somervillertdrtd1024
WayfarerClaretRachel Wallisrtdrtd1024
WayfarerLady ProvidenceBen Thompsonrtdrtd1024
WayfarerVerunaSiobhan Sweeneydnsdns1327

Start: W
F: S
Col: P
F: S
Finish: W

Result: Minis / Opi Race 4 – August 8th, 2013

 SCSC 2013 Mini Multiclass Race 4 – August 8th 2013        
ClassNameHelmMinsSecsCorrected TimeClass PositionOverall PositionClass PontsOverall Points
LaserMan O PauseCian Buckley51332769.0210.75
Topaz UnoNo Name YetSinead McKennedy5822817.1522
TopperBlue JayWilliam Wallis61512826.35130.753
TopperToms TopperTom Cochrane61532827.882424
TopperAtlantisKevin Cronin6312879.663535
TopperNo Name YetShane Buckley68353134.044647
TopperBlueberryOlivia Toogoodrtdrtd68
OptimistOpportunity KnocksAbbie Salter-Townshend10.75
OptimistOnionsZachary Tompson22
OptimistBananaSam Thompson33
Mini Course (11:15am Start) Start: E Col: S CH: S H: S Col: S CH: S H: S Finish: W
Opi Course (11:20am Start) Start: E H: S ND: S H: S Finish: W

Result: SCSC 2013 Championship Race 3 – August 7th, 2013

SCSC Champ Race 3 - Easterly start, light winds - August 7 2013

SCSC Champ Race 3 – Easterly start, light winds – August 7 2013

SCSC Multi class Championship 2013 – Race 3 – August 7th, 2013         
ClassNameHelmMinsSecsCorrected TimeClass PositionClass PointsOverall PositionChamp Points
WayfarerScairbhinWilliam Wallis86464728.4310.7510.75
WayfarerPeut EtreMichael Toogood9004904.632222
Flying FifteenMy Ffair LadyEmma Bunting83304911.7610.7533
WayfarerSiolaSean Cochrane91114969.123344
WayfarerAoifePaul Creedon94365155.314455
Flying FifteenFfamily AffairDerek Bunting89425276.472266
WayfarerAmerican PieRobin Somerville99555445.055577
Flying FifteenMach FfourGerry MacNulty93255495.13388
WayfarerClaretRachel Wallis103505658.496699
EtteSagetteRui Ferreira1186568710.751010
EtteBlanquetteJan Panman122205890.85221111
EttePirouetteJerome Mayhew12365927.77331212
EtteMinuetteMargaret Hannan125336045.75441313
EtteLillibetteGeorge Miller127296138.84551414
Laser StandardWet n WindySacha Chen113476280.59#N/A#N/A1515
WayfarerWhispering GrassNicky Lee117536424.16771616
WayfarerLady ProvidenceBen Thompson120156553.13881717
Laser StandardMan O PausePeter Buckley118546563.02#N/A#N/A1818
WayfarerEau de ViePascal Tchen12636869.21991919
DayboatPa Pa IINeil Youngdns#N/A#N/A26
EtteMucketttePatrick Taylorrtdrtd923
EtteRocketteAdrian Mastersonrtdrtd923
EtteRouletteJames Gartsidertdrtd923
Flying FifteenChristina?dnsdns726
WayfarerVerunaSiobhan Sweeneydnsdns1326

Result: Minis / Opis Race 3 – August 7th, 2013

 SCSC 2013 Mini Multiclass Race 3 – August 7th 2013         
ClassNameHelmsail no.MinsSecsCorrected TimeClass PositionOverall PositionClass PointsOverall Points
TopperToms TopperTom Cochrane1214466183029.70110.750.75
LaserMan O PauseCian Buckley56333037.6022
TopperBlue JayWilliam Wallis2683570593243.722323
TopperAtlantisKevin Cronin3293371393274.183434
TopperNo Name YetShane Buckleyno number71503282.564445
Topaz UnoNo Name YetSinead McKennedy69293372.9856
TopperBlueberryOlivia Toogood1533877353545.325657
OptimistOnionsZachary Tompson10.75
OptimistOpportunity KnocksAbbie Salter-Townshend22
OptimistBananaSam Thompson33
Mini Course: Start:E – H:P – CH:P – ND: P – CH:P – Finish:E
Opi Course: Start: E – H:P – CH: P – Finish: E

Result: SCSC 2013 – Championship Race 2 – August 6th, 2013

SCSC Multi class Championship 2013 – Race 2 – August 6th, 2013         
ClassNameHelmMinsSecsCorrected TimeClass Position This RaceClass Points This RaceOverall Position This RaceChamp Points This Race
WayfarerScairbhinWilliam Wallis83224543.1410.7510.75
WayfarerSiolaSean Cochrane84324606.722222
DayboatPa Pa IINeil Young92434635.83#N/A#N/A33
WayfarerAoifePaul Creedon86234707.543344
EtteSagetteRui Ferreira9844722.3110.7555
EttePirouetteJerome Mayhew98234737.562266
Flying FifteenMach FfourGerry MacNulty81164780.3910.7577
Flying FifteenMy Ffair LadyEmma Bunting81534816.672288
WayfarerPeut EtreMichael Toogood8984857.44499
WayfarerAmerican PieRobin Somerville90104913.71551010
EtteMucketttePatrick Taylor102284934.19331111
EtteLillibetteGeorge Miller102354939.81441212
WayfarerClaretRachel Wallis91254981.83661313
Flying FifteenFfamily AffairDerek Bunting8555004.9331414
WayfarerWhispering GrassNicky Lee93135079.93771515
EtteBlanquetteJan Panman105405088.28551616
EtteRocketteAdrian Masterson106105112.36661717
Laser StandardWet n WindySacha Chen92455119.6#N/A#N/A1818
EtteMinuetteMargaret Hannan10835203.05771919
WayfarerLady ProvidenceBen Thompson95475219.8882020
EtteRouletteJames Gartside111385375.6882121
Laser StandardMan O PausePeter Buckley98205427.78#N/A#N/A2222
WayfarerEau de ViePascal Tchen10545725.7992323
Flying FifteenChristina?dnsdns727
WayfarerVerunaSiobhan Sweeneydnsdns1327

Result: SCSC 2013 – Minis and Opis – Race 2 – August 6th 2013

 SCSC Mini Multi Class Race 2 August 6, 2013         
ClassNameHelmMinsSecsTotal SecondsCorrected TimeClass PositionOverall PositionClass PointsOverall Points
Topaz UnoNo Name YetSinead McKennedy521831382538.83-1-0.75
TopperToms TopperTom Cochrane564934092596.34120.752
LaserMan O PauseCian Buckley493429742662.49-3-3
TopperBlue JayWilliam Wallis591135512704.492424
TopperAtlantisKevin Cronin592235622712.873535
TopperNo Name YetShane Buckley645738972968.014646
TopperBlueberryOlivia Toogood67540253065.505757
OptimistOnionsZachary Tompson00.751
OptimistOpportunity KnocksAbbie Salter-Townshend022
OptimistBananaSam Thompson033
Mini Course: Start: W - Col:s - CH: S - ND:S - Col: S - CH:S - H: S – Finish: W
Opi Course: Start: W – Col: S - H: S - Finish: W

Result: SCSC 2013 – Championship Race 1 – August 5th, 2013

Before the start, August 5th, 2013

Before the start, August 5th, 2013

SCSC Multi class Championship 2013 – Race 1 – August 5th, 2013         
ClassNameHelmMinsSecsCorrected TimeClass Position This RaceClass Points This RaceOverall Position This RaceChamp Points This Race
WayfarerScairbhinWilliam Wallis62113388.7410.7510.75
DayboatPa Pa IINeil Young70483540#N/A#N/A22
Flying FifteenMy Ffair LadyEmma Bunting60493577.4510.7533
WayfarerSiolaSean Cochrane65413579.472244
EtteSagetteRui Ferreira77123717.510.7555
EttePirouetteJerome Mayhew78353784.112266
Flying FifteenMach FfourGerry MacNulty64473810.782277
WayfarerPeut EtreMichael Toogood7143872.843388
Flying FifteenFfamily AffairDerek Bunting65573879.413399
WayfarerAoifePaul Creedon71453910.08441010
WayfarerAmerican PieRobin Somerville72263947.32551111
WayfarerLady ProvidenceBen Thompson73244000661212
WayfarerClaretRachel Wallis73454019.07771313
Laser StandardMan O PausePeter Buckley73344060.72#N/A#N/A1414
Laser StandardWet n WindySacha Chen73514076.36#N/A#N/A1515
EtteLillibetteGeorge Miller8614142.05331616
WayfarerWhispering GrassNicky Lee7944308.81881717
EtteBlanquetteJan Panman90194349.12441818
EtteMucketttePatrick Taylor91164394.86551919
EtteRouletteJames Gartside93234496.79662020
EtteRocketteAdrian Masterson96254642.86772121
EtteMinuetteMargaret Hannandnsdnsdns1126
Flying FifteenChristina?dnsdnsdns726
WayfarerEau de ViePascal Tchenrtdrtdrtd1023
WayfarerVerunaSiobhan Sweeneydnsdnsdns1326

Result: SCSC 2013 – Mini/Opi Race 1 – Monday August 5th, 2013

 Mini Multi Class Race 1 – SCSC 2013 – August 5th 2013          
ClassNameHelmsail noMinsSecsTotal SecondsCorrected TimeClass PositionOverall Positionclass pointsoverall points
TopperToms TopperTom Cochrane12144561133712567.40110.750.75
TopperBlue JayWilliam Wallis26835562033802574.262222
Laser RadialMan O PauseCian Buckley521131312803.04no class3-3
TopperAtlantisKevin Cronin32933625737772876.623434
Topaz UnoNo Name YetSinead McKennedy604036402944.98no class5-5
TopperNo Name YetShane Buckleyno number714543053278.754646
TopperBlueberryOlivia Toogood15338742044603396.805757
OptimistOpportunity KnocksAbbie Salter-Townshendrtdrtd4
OptimistOnionsZachary Tompson00.0010.75
OptimistBananaSam Thompsondnsdns5
Opi Course: Start East, H: S , Col: S , H: S , H: S , Finish : West (Course Shortened, light wind)
Mini Course: Start East, H:S , Col:S, CH:S , H:S , Col:S , CH:S , Finish West (Course Shortened, light wind)

Result: Sunday Race 1 – Maritime Cup / RNLI

SCSC Sunday Race 1 August 3, 2013 – Maritime Cup / RNLI       
ClassNameHelmsail no.MinsSecsCorrected TimeOverall Position
DayboatPa Pa IINigel Young65799414984.171
WayfarerScairbhinWilliam Wallis981694215141.692
WayfarerSiolaSean Chochrane103449675237.973
Flying FifteenMy Ffair LadyEmma Bunting393893405499.024
WayfarerAoifePaul Creedon9468102175574.025
WayfarerPeut EtreMike Toogood9962105145734.796
EttePirouetteJerome Mayhew3120215795.357
WayfarerWhispering GrassNicky Lee5335106335806.548
Flying FifteenMach FfourGerry MacNulty391199425853.239
EtteSagetteRui Ferreira6121345853.9310
Flying FifteenFfamily AffairDerek Bunting8560104356139.9211
Laser StandardWet n WindySacha Chen5803711356241.9512
WayfarerLady ProvidenceBen Thompson9803114346243.4213
EtteMinuetteJeff Mc Pherson15135186515.2514
WayfarerClaretRachel Wallis979412036542.2315
WayfarerAmerican PieRobin Somerville727412096547.6816
EtteLillibetteBridget Aylmer7138206661.3217
Laser RadialNo NameCian Buckley189050128296901.5218
WayfarerEau de ViePascal Tchen442013787473.2119
TopperShane Buckleyrtd
EtteRocketteAdrian Masterson14rtd
EtteRouletteJames Gartside13rtd
EttemuckettePatrick Taylor17rtd
Course: Start: W – CH: P - Col: S – Flea: S – N:S – Flea: S – CH: S – H: S – Finish:W