Pat O’Brien RIP

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Pat O’Brien in Dublin yesterday at the age of 94. Pat was pre-deceased by husband Rex in 2000. The O’Brien family stayed in West Tower for many years and were stalwarts of the sailing club. Pat was an avid watcher from the shore of all the sailing activities and took great pride in the Multi Series Championship successes of Rex in 1982, and son Stephen in 1989, both in the wayfarer Redwing. Pat was a warm, welcoming lady with a great sense of humour and will be missed by all who knew her. May she rest in peace.
Pat O'Brien

Roger Pisani 1935 – 2020

The great sailor returns from the sea
SCSC regrets to announce the death of long-time non-sailing club member, Roger Pisani.

Roger Pisani in the Anna Roger was a familiar sight to Club members as he pottered about on the waters of Castlehaven harbour in a variety of compromised but cleverly “repaired” crafts. Indeed, he was particularly proud that the bathtub dinghy he bought in 1974 (“one of the first all fibreglass boats in West Cork”) lasted until at least 2018. While his equipment and bait may not have challenged the fish, his ever-present cigar was excellent defense against mosquitoes.

Roger Pisani binoculars Roger first passed through Castletownshend when hitchhiking around the world after college. In 1972, when a planned family ski trip was devoid of snow, and having left the children with the grandparents, Roger and Julie, came to West Cork and stayed overnight in The Castle on the way to Barley Cove. A chance discussion with Rosemary Salter-Townshend eventually led to the purchase of a house on The Mall and the family have returned to Landfall Cottage ever since.

Roger was a friend to all, locals and holiday-makers both. A peripatetic life meant that he always appreciated the rhythms of Castletownshend and delighted in the stability that yearly visits to the village provided. His occasional sessions serving behind the bar at Lil’s pleased him no end, as did his early forays into mastering the famous all-purpose West Cork grunt. His enthusiasm for the area led him to evangelise on its behalf and resulted in several friends and business associates buying property in and around the village.

A family friend (you can probably guess who) wrote better than we could:

Roger-Pisani-and-his-friend-Paul-the-Pound“…Of course you will miss your dad enormously, but let me assure you, there is a large group of people, all connected in some way to a tiny village in West Cork, who are also in mourning this evening. To me, he was one of those rare people you couldn’t say a bad word about. When I think of Roger I think of a kind and generous man who communicated with everyone, young and old, I think of cigars, and cannonballs, and mackerel,and witty one liners,and party pieces,and a man so happy to be out in his boat in the harbour. I am writing this as I walk my dogs along the shoreline of a perfectly still Bantry Bay- he’d have loved an evening like this on the water…”

Roger died as he lived, squeezing every ounce of joy out of life, down at the marina, watching the fisherman not catching anything, in front of the Manhattan skyline and with cigar in hand. Not a day in bed, not a day in hospital. Way to go, Roger!

Party pieces??? We can’t imagine what you are talking about…
Roger Pisani fez or flowerpotRoger Pisani and Robert Salter-TownshendRoger Pisani Dereks drinks

Julie, Mark and Elizabeth are all together in Old Greenwich. Please feel free to contact Mark if you want the postal address.

Notice of cancellation of race series – 2020

Notice of cancellation of race series

10th June 2020

Dear SCSC Members,
Since I last wrote the COVID pandemic is waning and all areas are coming out of lock down in a stepwise fashion. Ireland is doing relatively well and has reduced its originally planned 5 phases to 4 with increasing sporting activity, removal of domestic travel restrictions and domestic tourism restarting from the 29th June. There is as yet however no timeline for the resumption of foreign tourism and the requirement to self-isolate on arrival in Ireland from all countries bar Northern Ireland for 14 days remains. This, together with the need for continued social distancing, unfortunately makes the running of a sailing race series with participants from several countries untenable. Regretfully the executive committee of the SCSC has therefore decided to cancel the 2020 sailing fortnight.

I realise this will be disappointing, particularly for those members in Ireland for whom travel to Castletownshend will now be possible. However organisation of race officer teams, safety boat issues, restrictions affecting meetings, gatherings and sailing crews would I fear present more difficulties than enjoyment and the negatives appear to outweigh the positives for this year. I am sure this is the right decision.

Several families are however hoping to be in Castletownshend over the summer and I am sure there will be opportunities for recreational sailing in a more informal capacity, particularly for youngsters who have already had a number of valuable activities cancelled in the last few months. Any members that are around will be more than welcome to join in, with of course the appropriate social distancing caveats that we are all getting used to. No doubt communication nearer to the time via private Whatsapp chats will be invaluable*

It is quite possible that by 20th July the requirement for self-isolation after arrival in Ireland for 14 days will be lifted, possibly through the testing of everyone for coronavirus on entry to the country as recently mentioned in the Irish press, but this is by no means certain. There is yet no information regarding this on the website and I would encourage everyone to review this before making any travel plans.

Looking forward to 2021 it is anticipated that the sailing programme will commence with an all-comers race on Sunday 1st August with the pre-race meeting that evening and mini and multiclass championships commencing Monday 2nd August, the AGM being on Thursday 12th August 2021. Full racing programme to follow but save the dates in your diary. I believe the weather forecast for next summer is looking excellent and there will never be a better opportunity to challenge the Honourable Member for Broadland for the championship cup!

Clearly with no racing in 2020 all SCSC members this year will be non-sailing members the sub for which is 10 Euros per person. The Club does have some funds in the bank but with continued expenses (predominately insurance for cups, safety boat and indemnity) we do require this income to maintain our position. Please find the details of the club bank account below, can I ask members to pay their family’s subs by BACS (details of account below) prior to August so that the Hon. Treasurer can draw up the accounts for the year.

Yours Sincerely,
Seán Cochrane, Commodore SCSC
South Cork Sailing Club

IBAN: IE09BOFI90295229000039
Address: Bank of Ireland, Market St., Skibbereen, Co Cork. Eir code P81 K261

* From Mark: For those who do make it to CT, please try to keep off the main SCSC group chat. This will minimise noise and also the inevitable jealousy from those who cannot make it ;-)

A Message from the Commodore – May 11th 2020

11th May 2020

Dear SCSC Members,

Clearly we are experiencing unprecedented times.

As I am sure you are all aware, it is very unlikely the SCSC sailing fortnight will go ahead as planned this year. Although recreational sailing is likely to be one of the first sports to resume after lock down competitive sailing will be hindered by difficulties managing races with respect to maintaining social distancing in race officer teams, safety boat procedures and social distancing within boats unless crews are restricted to family units. It is also unlikely that over 70’s would be allowed to compete given current shielding/cocooning restrictions.

The major impediment however will be travel restrictions. The Irish Government has been very clear with its advice published on 8th May:
‘You will need to self-isolate for 14 days if you arrive in Ireland from any other country. This includes Irish citizens coming home. Self-isolation means staying indoors and completely avoiding contact with other people.

Moreover the roadmap for easing COVID-19 restrictions limits movement within Ireland until phase 4 (anticipated to be 20th July) when it is planned that ‘you will be able to travel outside your region and beyond the 20 kilometre restriction in imposed in phase 3’.

Also in phase 4, ‘small social (non-family) gatherings will be allowed but are to be limited to a maximum number of participants for a period of time where social distancing can be maintained; and competitive sports can recommence but only where limitations are placed on the numbers of spectators and where social distancing can be maintained.

Restrictions are further lifted in phase 5 (anticipated to be 10th August) including social gatherings when ‘some large social (non-family) gatherings can take place – these will also be restricted.’ However, still in phase 5, it is planned to ‘continue to restrict movement of all who are in 14 days self isolation’ which currently would also include all those travelling from abroad until this specific requirement is lifted (no date given yet).

The above dates are ‘an indication of what might happen if everything goes well with restricting the spread of COVID-19 in Ireland’ and are subject to change. They are likely to represent the best-case scenario.

Further to consider is the fear, particularly within small village communities in tourist destinations, of non-residents bringing in coronavirus from outside and the effect this tension exerts on relations between visitors (including second homers and extended family) and residents. We are seeing this here in the South West of England and it is also a factor in West Cork.

The executive committee of the SCSC met yesterday to discuss what options we have with regard to the 2020 sailing fortnight. We agreed that it is more than likely that we will need to cancel the entire sailing and social programme but that we will hold off making a final decision until 6 weeks prior to the planned start of the race programme, that is decision by Sunday 14th June 2020.

The precise future timeline of the COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult to predict accurately but as time goes by facts become clearer and actions necessary to keep individuals and communities’ safe, as well as people’s attitudes, evolve.

In the meantime we continue to follow the advice of the Irish Government and if you wish to read this for yourself I will post the relevant links here:

Yours Sincerely

Seán Cochrane
Commodore SCSC

Missing CT? New drone video views of the village in lockdown…

Colm O’Driscoll just got himself a new drone and practiced in Castletownshend. Some nice shots of the village amid the lockdown.

Thanks to Mark Salter-Townshend for the tip

Karen Horgan – Glandore Harbour Yacht Club

The South Cork Sailing Club extends our condolences to our neighbours at the Glandore Harbour Yacht Club.

It’s with a heavy heart that we note that Karen Horgan , the commodore of Glandore HYC 2016-2017, has passed away.

From Mike Toogood, SCSC Racing Secretary:

“She was a lovely lady who was helpful to our Club with advice and contacts in helping to establish our relations with Glandore and our young safety coxswains and young sailing instructors in recent years.

She will be greatly missed by the sailing community.”

Emma Horler politely requests your support

Support Emma here:

SCSC Member and past club champion Emma Horler is dusting off her running shoes and entering the 2020 London Marathon. And she has a very particular reason…

In November 2017 my sister Alex was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. She is an inspiration to us all about how to cheerfully and stoically endure (physically and mentally) all the treatment, in such a way that she is currently managing to live a reasonably normal life and keeps incredibly busy looking after her large family. Alex is receiving regular chemotherapy and has had radiotherapy too.Emma Horler

I therefore feel that if she can cope with all the treatment then I should try and raise money for the much needed research and support for this horrid disease. I have been lucky enough to get a ballot place in the Marathon and am dusting off my running shoes once again. It’s 11 years since the last one so it’s going to be tough and training has already begun. I have forgotten how cold and wet it will be and how long 26 miles is!

Pancreatic cancer is a tough one but we’re taking it on.

It is tough to diagnose, tough to treat, tough to research and tough to survive.

For too long this disease has been sidelined. We want to make sure that everyone affected by it gets all the help they need.

We are supporting those affected by the disease, investing in ground breaking research, lobbying for greater recognition of pancreatic cancer and being a voice for everyone involved in the fight.

Together we are taking on pancreatic cancer.

Through Virgin Money Giving, you can sponsor me and donations will be quickly processed and passed to Pancreatic Cancer UK.

Virgin Money Giving is a not for profit organisation and will claim gift aid on a charity’s behalf where the donor is eligible for this.

I really appreciate all your support and thank you for any donations.

Support Emma here:

SCSC is sorry to announce the passing of Colm Buckley. Current member Peter Buckley announced his father’s death after a long illness.

Colm will be remembered as a long-time and active member of the club. He contributed in many ways. Notably, club lore has it that it was he who suggested the “Cadets in the morning, Championship in the afternoon” sailing schedule we currently follow.

SCSC send condolences and best wishes to the Buckley Family.

Castletownshend Rowing Club off to World Championships in Hong Kong

Castletownshend Rowing Club members Eimear Walsh and Ella Cialis

Dear Fellow Members,

Our SCSC Summer of 2019 seems a bit of a distant memory now, however I’d like to share some news about our fellow water enthusiasts in CT who are making Big Waves ….

From West Cork to Hong Kong – Castletownshend Rowing Club members Eimear Walsh and Ella Cialis will be representing Castletowshend Rowing Club and Ireland in the woman’s double scull (CW2X) in the World Rowing Costal Championships in Hong Kong this November. They qualified after winning National Championship titles in Antrim last month and after a great season with podium finishes at all events throughout the year.

We are very proud of Eimear and Ella’s achievements and wish them the best of luck at the Worlds. As this is largely self funded, If you are able to offer any support for these two young ladies, any messages and / or small donations would be hugely appreciated and of great encouragement and help for them. Thank you.

Emma Bunting

SCSC 2019 – Pictures: Cup Winners

Click on thumbnails for larger pictures

SCSC 2019 – Result: 2nd Series Race 1 – Thursday August 8

 SCSC 2019 2nd Series Race 1Thursday August 8 – 11:15am    
ClassNameHelmMinsSecsCorrected TimeOverall Position This Race
WayfarerPeut EtreMatty Keane45624561
WayfarerAiofeBertie Mayhew46125052
WayfarerWhispering GrassGuy Lee464725473
WayfarerSiolaCara Cochrane47125604
WayfarerLady P3Sam Thompson48226155
Flying FifteenFfamilty AffairShane Buckley455527146
Course:All to Port
Start: E > H >CH > SD > ND > CH > Finish W

SCSC 2019 – Course: 2nd Series Race 1 – Thursday August 8 – 11:15am


SCSC 2019 – Course: 2nd Series Race 1 – Thursday August 8 – 11:15am
All to Port
Start: E > H >CH > SD > ND > CH > Finish W

SCSC 2019 – Result: Ocean Race to Glandore – Wednesday August 7th

 SCSC 2019 – Ocean RaceAugust 7th     
ClassNameHelmMinsSecsCorrected TimeClass Position This RaceOverall Position This Race
EtteRocketteAdrian Masterson762353613
EtteBlanquetteJan Panman764353824
EtteLillibetteNiamh Strathern7622355235
EttePirouetteGeorge Miller813377048
Flying FifteenMy Ffair LadyEmma Bunting602435706
Flying FifteenMach FfiveGerry MacNulty593735242
WayfarerSiolaSean Cochrane6313344211
WayfarerPeut EtreWill Toogood6723366927
WayfarerLady P3Ben Thompson7010382039
WayfarerKiasu KidAlex Toogood70183828410
WayfarerWhispering GrassGuy Lee70353843511
Course: Start W > F:P > Glandore

SCSC 2019 – Ocean Race to Glandore – Wednesday August 7 – 11:25am

Start: West
Flea to port

All boats must have a anchor

SCSC 2019 – Tuesday August 6 – No racing today

SCSC 2019 – Tuesday August 6 – No racing today

Meet at 10am tomorrow with a view to an Ocean/Glandore race

SCSC 2019 – Video – Mahony and Wallis Cup Starts

Start of the Mahony Cup for the Ettes

Honestly, we do know who’s in the boats…

(shaky camera warning)

SCSC 2019 – Result: Ettes Mahony Cup & Allcomers 2 Wallis Cup

 Ettes Race for the Mahony Cup – SCSC 2019Monday August 5th 2019  
ClassNameHelmSail No.Overall Position
EtteSagetteRui Ferreira61
EtteRocketteAdrian Masterson142
EtteBlanquetteJan Panman163
EttePirouetteGeorge Miller34
 All-Comers Race 2 – Wallis CupMonday August 5th    
ClassNameHelmMinsSecsCorrected TimeOverall Position This Race
Flying FifteenMy Ffair LadyEmma Bunting385923042
Flying FifteenMach FfiveMichael Staveley393023353
WayfarerPeut EtreWill Toogood402221981
WayfarerKiasu KidAlex Toogood454424904
Course shortened to: Col > H > Col > H > Col > Fin

SCSC 2019 – Course: Mahony Cup (Ettes) and Wallis Cup (Allcomers 2) – Monday August 4, 11:25am

Ettes in Castlehaven - SCSC

Ettes start at 11:25am, allcomers please give way. Normal Rules of Racing apply otherwise.
Allcomers will start some time after Ettes.

Course: All to S
Start W > Col > H > Col > H >Col > H > Finish W

SCSC 2019 – Races abandoned: Mahony and Wallis Cups – Sunday August 4

Mahony and Wallis cup races had to be abandoned this afternoon due to a persistent squall.
Looking at the forecast there is a possibility of re-running Monday morning.
We will discuss at a pre-race meeting Monday morning.
We will also discuss the schedule for the next few days.
All interested meet at Coastguards strand 10 am Monday August 5

SCSC 2019 – Pictures: Derek’s Drinks


Picture 1 of 17

SCSC 2019 – Course: Mahony Cup (Ettes) and Wallis Cup (Allcomers 2) – Sunday August 4 – 3pm

Ettes start at 3pm, allcomers please give way.
Allcomers will start some time after Ettes.

Course: (All to S)
Start: W > F > CH > H > F > CH > H > Finish W

SCSC 2019 – Video – Start of Championship Race 5

SCSC 2019 – Final Standings: Championship


  Final Overall Championship Points 2019        
R1R2R3R4R5Total PtsWorstFinal Pts
WayfarerAiofeJerome Mayhew370.7520.7513.576.5
EtteSagetteRui Ferreira20.7560.75413.567.5
WayfarerScairbhinTom Cochrane8223520812
WayfarerSiolaSean Cochrane0.75547319.75712.75
WayfarerPeut EtreMichael Toogood610562291019
Flying FifteenMy Ffair LadyEmma Bunting7438830822
EtteRocketteAdrian Masterson5610514401426
EtteBlanquetteJan Panman43141214471433
Flying FifteenMach FfiveGerry MacNulty988914481434
WayfarerLady P3Ben Thompson11127414481434
Flying FifteenFfamily AffairDerek Bunting1299136491336
EtteLillibetteNiamh Strathern1011111014561442
WayfarerKiasu KidWill Toogood1616141110671651
LaserSea MystJames Moreton161616167711655

 SCSC 2016 – Final Class Positions         
R1R2R3R4R5Total PtsWorstFinal Class Pts
EtteSagetteRui Ferreira0.750.750.750.750.753.750.753
EtteRocketteAdrian Masterson3322515510
EtteBlanquetteJan Panman2254518513
EtteLillibetteNiamh Strathern4433519514
Flying FifteenMy Ffair LadyEmma Bunting0.750.750.750.752523
Flying FifteenMach FfiveGerry MacNulty222261468
Flying FifteenFfamily AffairDerek Bunting33330.7512.7539.75
WayfarerAiofeJerome Mayhew230.750.750.757.2534.25
WayfarerSiolaSean Cochrane0.75235313.7558.75
WayfarerSiolaSean Cochrane0.75235313.7558.75
WayfarerScairbhinTom Cochrane40.7522412.7548.75
WayfarerPeut EtreMichael Toogood3444217413
WayfarerPeut EtreMichael Toogood3444318414
WayfarerLady P3Ben Thompson5553927918
WayfarerLady P3Ben Thompson5553927918
WayfarerKiasu KidWill Toogood9976536927

SCSC 2019 – Result: Championship Race 5 – Saturday August 5 – 3pm

 SCSC Multi class Championship 2019Race 5 Saturday August 3       
ClassNameHelmMinsSecsCorrected TimeClass Position This RaceClass Points This RaceOverall Position This RaceChamp Points This Race
EtteSagetteRui Ferreira87404077.5210.7544
EtteRocketteAdrian Mastersondns514
EtteLillibetteNiamh Stratherndns514
EtteBlanquetteJan Panmandns514
Flying FifteenFfamily AffairPeter Buckley72144269.951.7566
Flying FifteenMy Ffair LadyEmma Bunting74574430.542288
Flying FifteenMach FfiveGerry MacNultydns614
WayfarerSiolaSean Cochrane73564025.413333
WayfarerLady P3Ben Thompsondns914
WayfarerPeut EtreMichael Toogood73554024.502222
WayfarerAiofeJerome Mayhew73414011.8010.7510.75
WayfarerScairbhinTom Cochrane74564079.854455
WayfarerKiasu KidWill Toogoodret510
LaserSea MystJames Moreton79234294.8677
Course: All to Port F > Col > CH > F > CH > F > Col > CH > F > H > Finish

SCSC 2019 – Course: Championship Race 5 – Saturday August 3 – 3pm

All to Port
Start: W > F > Col > CH > F > CH > F > Col > CH > F > H > Finish W > F > Col > C > F > H > Finish W