SCSC 2023 – Result – Minis – Race 3 – Wednesday Aug 2nd

SCSC 2023 Cadets Race 3Wednesday Aug 2 2023
ClassNameHelmMinsSecsCorrected TimeClass Position This RaceClass Points This RaceOverall Position This RaceChamp Points This Race
Laser RadialGrey GooseCharlie Harvey2351,204nana22
TopazMotor BoaterSeb Keane24441,186nana10.75
Topper Jelly BeanRory MacDonald23301,0302244
Topper Baby BlueJames MacDonald23261,02710.7533
Topper ThunderbirdDouglas Buckleydns912
Topper GoslingJack Buckley31581,4014466
Topper 4.2ZodiacBertie Mayhew26361,1243355
Course: Start W > Cosheen P > South Pin P > x4 > Finish E
Course was shortened as the wind came up. Toppers did not sail the same number of circuits that the first two boats sailed. Topper 4.7 is now counted as part of Topper class