Mini and Opi Race 5 – 5 August 2011

Wind: F2-3
Mini course: Col-H-Coosheen-Col-H
Opi: Col-CH-H
The wind reverted to the prevailing south westerly breeze strengthening throughout the race. It provided a challenge for all but the experiences of the previous days demonstrated their new confidence. William Wallis having won the Optimist series switched to the Topper, the Tchens having had to leave and miss the final race. Cian and Shane Buckley normally sailing in the Pico split up so that the latter could sail the Topper.
1. Pico – C Buckley
2. Topper – S McKennedy
3. Topper – S Buckley
4. Topper – W Wallis
1. T Cochrane
2. Z Thompson
3. O Toogood

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