SCSC 2013 – Result: Single handed races

ClassNameHelmOverall Pts R 1Overall Pts R 2Overall Pts R 3Total Overall PtsRejectFinal Overall PtsTie break: Total of corrected times
WayfarerScairbhinWilliam Wallis30.7525.75-32.755599.46
EtteSagetteRui Ferreira0.75235.75-32.755655.69
WayfarerPeut EtreMichael Toogood270.759.75-72.75
EtteLillibetteD. Dixon74415-78
WayfarerAoifePaul Creedon49518-99
WayfarerLady ProvidenceBen Thompson55616-610
Flying FifteenFfamily AffairDerek Bunting831122-1111
WayfarerWhispering GrassNicky Lee106723-1013
WayfarerClaretWilliam Toogood681125-1114
Flying FifteenMy Ffair LadyEmma Bunting9101130-1119

When two boats are tied on the same points, we break the tie using the better of the rejects. When the rejects are the same, we add up the total corrected times and use the lesser of those. In this case, Scairbhin won by 56 seconds!

Single Handed Wayfarer Class

NameHelmClass Pts R 1Class Pts R 2Class Pts R 3Total Class PointsRejectFinal Class Pts
Peut EtreMichael Toogood0.7540.755.5-41.5
ScairbhinWilliam Wallis20.7524.75-22.75
Lady ProvidenceBen Thompson42410-46
AoifePaul Creedon36312-66
Whispering GrassNicky Lee63514-68
ClaretWilliam Toogood55919-910