As you all will probably have heard by now, Asgard 11, Ireland’s Tall Ship, sank in the Bay of Biscay on September 11th. 2008.  The reason she sank is still a mystery but thankfully the full complement of crew and trainees were picked up safely.  This, of course, means that our Jessica, our first sponsored young person, will not be making her trip in October.      We did arrange for her to go on the Stavros Niarchos instead but unfortunately Jessica was doing exams at that time.    However, we have promised her that she will be the first to go on our scheme next year, to fit in with her University exams. etc.

It was a sad end to Asgard 11 and everyone is hoping that either she will be salvaged [she is in deep water] or that the Government will supply a new Tall Ship.