Pat O’Brien RIP

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Pat O’Brien in Dublin yesterday at the age of 94. Pat was pre-deceased by husband Rex in 2000. The O’Brien family stayed in West Tower for many years and were stalwarts of the sailing club. Pat was an avid watcher from the shore of all the sailing activities and took great pride in the Multi Series Championship successes of Rex in 1982, and son Stephen in 1989, both in the wayfarer Redwing. Pat was a warm, welcoming lady with a great sense of humour and will be missed by all who knew her. May she rest in peace.
Pat O'Brien

Roger Pisani 1935 – 2020

The great sailor returns from the sea
SCSC regrets to announce the death of long-time non-sailing club member, Roger Pisani.

Roger Pisani in the Anna Roger was a familiar sight to Club members as he pottered about on the waters of Castlehaven harbour in a variety of compromised but cleverly “repaired” crafts. Indeed, he was particularly proud that the bathtub dinghy he bought in 1974 (“one of the first all fibreglass boats in West Cork”) lasted until at least 2018. While his equipment and bait may not have challenged the fish, his ever-present cigar was excellent defense against mosquitoes.

Roger Pisani binoculars Roger first passed through Castletownshend when hitchhiking around the world after college. In 1972, when a planned family ski trip was devoid of snow, and having left the children with the grandparents, Roger and Julie, came to West Cork and stayed overnight in The Castle on the way to Barley Cove. A chance discussion with Rosemary Salter-Townshend eventually led to the purchase of a house on The Mall and the family have returned to Landfall Cottage ever since.

Roger was a friend to all, locals and holiday-makers both. A peripatetic life meant that he always appreciated the rhythms of Castletownshend and delighted in the stability that yearly visits to the village provided. His occasional sessions serving behind the bar at Lil’s pleased him no end, as did his early forays into mastering the famous all-purpose West Cork grunt. His enthusiasm for the area led him to evangelise on its behalf and resulted in several friends and business associates buying property in and around the village.

A family friend (you can probably guess who) wrote better than we could:

Roger-Pisani-and-his-friend-Paul-the-Pound“…Of course you will miss your dad enormously, but let me assure you, there is a large group of people, all connected in some way to a tiny village in West Cork, who are also in mourning this evening. To me, he was one of those rare people you couldn’t say a bad word about. When I think of Roger I think of a kind and generous man who communicated with everyone, young and old, I think of cigars, and cannonballs, and mackerel,and witty one liners,and party pieces,and a man so happy to be out in his boat in the harbour. I am writing this as I walk my dogs along the shoreline of a perfectly still Bantry Bay- he’d have loved an evening like this on the water…”

Roger died as he lived, squeezing every ounce of joy out of life, down at the marina, watching the fisherman not catching anything, in front of the Manhattan skyline and with cigar in hand. Not a day in bed, not a day in hospital. Way to go, Roger!

Party pieces??? We can’t imagine what you are talking about…
Roger Pisani fez or flowerpotRoger Pisani and Robert Salter-TownshendRoger Pisani Dereks drinks

Julie, Mark and Elizabeth are all together in Old Greenwich. Please feel free to contact Mark if you want the postal address.

Notice of cancellation of race series – 2020

Notice of cancellation of race series

10th June 2020

Dear SCSC Members,
Since I last wrote the COVID pandemic is waning and all areas are coming out of lock down in a stepwise fashion. Ireland is doing relatively well and has reduced its originally planned 5 phases to 4 with increasing sporting activity, removal of domestic travel restrictions and domestic tourism restarting from the 29th June. There is as yet however no timeline for the resumption of foreign tourism and the requirement to self-isolate on arrival in Ireland from all countries bar Northern Ireland for 14 days remains. This, together with the need for continued social distancing, unfortunately makes the running of a sailing race series with participants from several countries untenable. Regretfully the executive committee of the SCSC has therefore decided to cancel the 2020 sailing fortnight.

I realise this will be disappointing, particularly for those members in Ireland for whom travel to Castletownshend will now be possible. However organisation of race officer teams, safety boat issues, restrictions affecting meetings, gatherings and sailing crews would I fear present more difficulties than enjoyment and the negatives appear to outweigh the positives for this year. I am sure this is the right decision.

Several families are however hoping to be in Castletownshend over the summer and I am sure there will be opportunities for recreational sailing in a more informal capacity, particularly for youngsters who have already had a number of valuable activities cancelled in the last few months. Any members that are around will be more than welcome to join in, with of course the appropriate social distancing caveats that we are all getting used to. No doubt communication nearer to the time via private Whatsapp chats will be invaluable*

It is quite possible that by 20th July the requirement for self-isolation after arrival in Ireland for 14 days will be lifted, possibly through the testing of everyone for coronavirus on entry to the country as recently mentioned in the Irish press, but this is by no means certain. There is yet no information regarding this on the website and I would encourage everyone to review this before making any travel plans.

Looking forward to 2021 it is anticipated that the sailing programme will commence with an all-comers race on Sunday 1st August with the pre-race meeting that evening and mini and multiclass championships commencing Monday 2nd August, the AGM being on Thursday 12th August 2021. Full racing programme to follow but save the dates in your diary. I believe the weather forecast for next summer is looking excellent and there will never be a better opportunity to challenge the Honourable Member for Broadland for the championship cup!

Clearly with no racing in 2020 all SCSC members this year will be non-sailing members the sub for which is 10 Euros per person. The Club does have some funds in the bank but with continued expenses (predominately insurance for cups, safety boat and indemnity) we do require this income to maintain our position. Please find the details of the club bank account below, can I ask members to pay their family’s subs by BACS (details of account below) prior to August so that the Hon. Treasurer can draw up the accounts for the year.

Yours Sincerely,
Seán Cochrane, Commodore SCSC
South Cork Sailing Club

IBAN: IE09BOFI90295229000039
Address: Bank of Ireland, Market St., Skibbereen, Co Cork. Eir code P81 K261

* From Mark: For those who do make it to CT, please try to keep off the main SCSC group chat. This will minimise noise and also the inevitable jealousy from those who cannot make it ;-)

A Message from the Commodore – May 11th 2020

11th May 2020

Dear SCSC Members,

Clearly we are experiencing unprecedented times.

As I am sure you are all aware, it is very unlikely the SCSC sailing fortnight will go ahead as planned this year. Although recreational sailing is likely to be one of the first sports to resume after lock down competitive sailing will be hindered by difficulties managing races with respect to maintaining social distancing in race officer teams, safety boat procedures and social distancing within boats unless crews are restricted to family units. It is also unlikely that over 70’s would be allowed to compete given current shielding/cocooning restrictions.

The major impediment however will be travel restrictions. The Irish Government has been very clear with its advice published on 8th May:
‘You will need to self-isolate for 14 days if you arrive in Ireland from any other country. This includes Irish citizens coming home. Self-isolation means staying indoors and completely avoiding contact with other people.

Moreover the roadmap for easing COVID-19 restrictions limits movement within Ireland until phase 4 (anticipated to be 20th July) when it is planned that ‘you will be able to travel outside your region and beyond the 20 kilometre restriction in imposed in phase 3’.

Also in phase 4, ‘small social (non-family) gatherings will be allowed but are to be limited to a maximum number of participants for a period of time where social distancing can be maintained; and competitive sports can recommence but only where limitations are placed on the numbers of spectators and where social distancing can be maintained.

Restrictions are further lifted in phase 5 (anticipated to be 10th August) including social gatherings when ‘some large social (non-family) gatherings can take place – these will also be restricted.’ However, still in phase 5, it is planned to ‘continue to restrict movement of all who are in 14 days self isolation’ which currently would also include all those travelling from abroad until this specific requirement is lifted (no date given yet).

The above dates are ‘an indication of what might happen if everything goes well with restricting the spread of COVID-19 in Ireland’ and are subject to change. They are likely to represent the best-case scenario.

Further to consider is the fear, particularly within small village communities in tourist destinations, of non-residents bringing in coronavirus from outside and the effect this tension exerts on relations between visitors (including second homers and extended family) and residents. We are seeing this here in the South West of England and it is also a factor in West Cork.

The executive committee of the SCSC met yesterday to discuss what options we have with regard to the 2020 sailing fortnight. We agreed that it is more than likely that we will need to cancel the entire sailing and social programme but that we will hold off making a final decision until 6 weeks prior to the planned start of the race programme, that is decision by Sunday 14th June 2020.

The precise future timeline of the COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult to predict accurately but as time goes by facts become clearer and actions necessary to keep individuals and communities’ safe, as well as people’s attitudes, evolve.

In the meantime we continue to follow the advice of the Irish Government and if you wish to read this for yourself I will post the relevant links here:

Yours Sincerely

Seán Cochrane
Commodore SCSC

Karen Horgan – Glandore Harbour Yacht Club

The South Cork Sailing Club extends our condolences to our neighbours at the Glandore Harbour Yacht Club.

It’s with a heavy heart that we note that Karen Horgan , the commodore of Glandore HYC 2016-2017, has passed away.

From Mike Toogood, SCSC Racing Secretary:

“She was a lovely lady who was helpful to our Club with advice and contacts in helping to establish our relations with Glandore and our young safety coxswains and young sailing instructors in recent years.

She will be greatly missed by the sailing community.”

Emma Horler politely requests your support

Support Emma here:

SCSC Member and past club champion Emma Horler is dusting off her running shoes and entering the 2020 London Marathon. And she has a very particular reason…

In November 2017 my sister Alex was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. She is an inspiration to us all about how to cheerfully and stoically endure (physically and mentally) all the treatment, in such a way that she is currently managing to live a reasonably normal life and keeps incredibly busy looking after her large family. Alex is receiving regular chemotherapy and has had radiotherapy too.Emma Horler

I therefore feel that if she can cope with all the treatment then I should try and raise money for the much needed research and support for this horrid disease. I have been lucky enough to get a ballot place in the Marathon and am dusting off my running shoes once again. It’s 11 years since the last one so it’s going to be tough and training has already begun. I have forgotten how cold and wet it will be and how long 26 miles is!

Pancreatic cancer is a tough one but we’re taking it on.

It is tough to diagnose, tough to treat, tough to research and tough to survive.

For too long this disease has been sidelined. We want to make sure that everyone affected by it gets all the help they need.

We are supporting those affected by the disease, investing in ground breaking research, lobbying for greater recognition of pancreatic cancer and being a voice for everyone involved in the fight.

Together we are taking on pancreatic cancer.

Through Virgin Money Giving, you can sponsor me and donations will be quickly processed and passed to Pancreatic Cancer UK.

Virgin Money Giving is a not for profit organisation and will claim gift aid on a charity’s behalf where the donor is eligible for this.

I really appreciate all your support and thank you for any donations.

Support Emma here:

SCSC is sorry to announce the passing of Colm Buckley. Current member Peter Buckley announced his father’s death after a long illness.

Colm will be remembered as a long-time and active member of the club. He contributed in many ways. Notably, club lore has it that it was he who suggested the “Cadets in the morning, Championship in the afternoon” sailing schedule we currently follow.

SCSC send condolences and best wishes to the Buckley Family.

Castletownshend Rowing Club off to World Championships in Hong Kong

Castletownshend Rowing Club members Eimear Walsh and Ella Cialis

Dear Fellow Members,

Our SCSC Summer of 2019 seems a bit of a distant memory now, however I’d like to share some news about our fellow water enthusiasts in CT who are making Big Waves ….

From West Cork to Hong Kong – Castletownshend Rowing Club members Eimear Walsh and Ella Cialis will be representing Castletowshend Rowing Club and Ireland in the woman’s double scull (CW2X) in the World Rowing Costal Championships in Hong Kong this November. They qualified after winning National Championship titles in Antrim last month and after a great season with podium finishes at all events throughout the year.

We are very proud of Eimear and Ella’s achievements and wish them the best of luck at the Worlds. As this is largely self funded, If you are able to offer any support for these two young ladies, any messages and / or small donations would be hugely appreciated and of great encouragement and help for them. Thank you.

Emma Bunting

SCSC 2019 – Races abandoned: Mahony and Wallis Cups – Sunday August 4

Mahony and Wallis cup races had to be abandoned this afternoon due to a persistent squall.
Looking at the forecast there is a possibility of re-running Monday morning.
We will discuss at a pre-race meeting Monday morning.
We will also discuss the schedule for the next few days.
All interested meet at Coastguards strand 10 am Monday August 5

SCSC 2019 – Recall Letters

 SCSC 2019 Championship Recall Letters 
Boat NameHelm NameRecall Letter
AiofeJerome MayhewA
BlanquetteJan PanmanB
Ffamily AffairDerek BuntingC
Lady P3Ben ThompsonD
LillibetteNiamh StrathernE
Mach FfiveGerry MacNultyF
My Ffair LadyEmma BuntingG
Peut EtreMichael ToogoodH
RocketteAdrian MastersonI
SagetteRui FerreiraJ
ScairbhinTom CochraneL
SiolaSean CochraneM

10 days or fewer to go – Please register your boat(s)

SCSC Register Your Boat(s)
With the sailing fortnight less than two weeks away, it’s time to register your boat(s).

Getting this done sooner rather than later will help move things along at the foregathering meeting.

Especially with new Club Officers in the mix.

Please register online here:

Or, if you’d rather not fill in the online form, you can download and print a version here:

Please note new dues for 2019:
Multi-Class Boats €40 ||| Adult Helm €35 ||| Adult Crew €25 ||| Mini-Class Boats €20 ||| Cadet Helm €17 ||| Cadet Crew €10 ||| Any 3 boats €70 ||| Non sailing members €25 ||| Non sailing cadets €10 ||| Members not here this year €15

If you have trouble with anything here, please email:
“mark AT southcorksailingclub DOT com”

SCSC Notice of Race 2019

Online boat registration:

Programme/Schedule of Races
Racing will take place on the dates and times shown below, but remain subject to confirmation at the foregathering meeting on Sunday 28th July 18.00 Boathouse Western pier

SCSC Sailing Instructions 2019 rtf

Download Sailing Instructions 2019 rtf here
View a page with the Sailing Instructions here

Championship series
Monday 29th July to Friday 2nd August afternoon racing (with option to sail Saturday 3rd August pm if 4 or fewer races completed)- a race series for suitable boats and their helms and crews to include Ettes, Wayfarers, YW Dayboat, Lasers, Flying Fifteens, others to consult with Racing Secretaries. Maximum 5 races, 4 to count. A pre-race meeting to be held daily at 14.00 adjacent Drishane boathouse wall

Cadet series
Monday 29th July to Friday 2nd August a series of morning races for suitable boats Cadets should be under the age of 16 and not also helming in the championship series. Suitable classes include Optimists, Picos, Toppers. Others to consult with Racing Secretaries. Format to be decided at foregathering meeting depending on entries. A pre-race meeting to be held daily at 10.00 adjacent Drishane boathouse wall

Pre-race meeting will be held for class representatives. All participants welcome, helmsman only to vote. Meeting will assess conditions, forecast and all other relevant Health & Safety considerations. Course to be posted on noticeboard opposite Mall House immediately following and publicised on Whats App group.
Sunday 28th July All-comers Race (14.00 meeting 15.15 start)

Monday 29th July
am Cadets 10.00 meeting 11.00 start
pm Championship 14.00 meeting 15.15 start

Tuesday 30th July
am Cadets 10.00 meeting 11.00 start
pm Championship 14.00 meeting 15.00 start
eve Cadet BBQ (fancy dress letter T)

Wednesday 31st July
am Cadets 10.00 meeting 11.00 start
pm Championship 14.00 meeting 15.00 start

Thursday 1st August
am Cadets 10.00 meeting 11.00 start
pm Championship 14.00 meeting 15.00 start

Friday 2nd August
am Cadets 10.00 meeting 11.00 start
pm Championship 14.00 meeting 15.00 start

eve Club Dinner

Saturday 3rd August
Rest day (if sailing programme on course)
am and/or pm racing if delays due to previous cancellations

Sunday 4th August
pm Mahony cup 15.00, 2nd All-comers 15.10

Monday 5th August-Thursday 8th August, to be decided but priorities:
Novice cup and second series concurrently (cannot win both) 2 or 3 short races Monday am/pm
Ocean/Glandore Race (Tuesday or Wednesday weather dependent
Single handed (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday am) 2 or 3 short races
Treasure Hunt, Fuchsia
Thursday 8th August 18.00 AGM at Boathouse Western pier and prize giving, drinks afterwards in Mary Anns Bar

Sailing Instructions.
Racing will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the prescriptions of the ISAF and SCSC local rules. Copies of the SCSC rules can be obtained from the commodore.

Conditions of Entry.
Rule 4 of the racing rules of sailing states: “The responsibility for a boat’s decision to participate in a race or to continue racing is hers alone.” By completing this entry form the entrant is agreeing to all the Terms and Conditions set out in the Sailing Instructions including but not limited to the following;
Sailing is by its nature an unpredictable sport and therefore involves an element of risk. By taking part in the races and other activities (“the event”) organised by the South Cork Sailing Club, each competitor agrees and acknowledges that:
a. They are aware of the inherent element of risk involved in the sport and accept responsibility for the exposure of themselves, their crew and their boat to such inherent risk whilst taking part in the event;
b. They are responsible for the safety of themselves, their crew, their boat and their other property whether afloat or ashore;
c. They accept responsibility for any injury, damage or loss to the extent caused by their own actions or omissions;
d. Their boat is in good order, equipped to sail in the event and they are fit to participate;
e. The provision of a race management team, patrol boats, umpires and other officials and volunteers by the organiser does not relieve them of their own responsibilities;
f. The provision of safety/patrol boat cover is limited to such assistance, particularly in extreme weather conditions, as can be practically provided in the circumstances;
g. It is their responsibility to familiarise themselves with any risks specific to this venue or this event drawn to their attention in any rules and information produced for the venue or event and to attend any safety briefing held for the event; and
h. Their boat is adequately insured, with cover of at least Euro 2 million against third party claims.

Entry Fees for SCSC sailing fortnight 2019

Multi-Class Boats €40	Adult Helm €35			Cadet Helm €17
Mini-Class Boats €20	Adult Crew €25			Cadet Crew €10
Any 3 boats €70		Non sailing members €25
Non sailing cadets €10	Members not here this year €15

Oyster Farm Proposed for Castlehaven Bay – Make Your Voice Heard Before April 19th

map of proposed oyster beds castletownshend bay co cork ireland
News arrives of an application (filed in 2016) for an aquaculture license for “Castletownshend Bay”.

The period for public comment expires April 19th 2019, so if you wish to express your opinion for or against the proposal, now is the time. See below for the address, the formal applications and other resources.

Here are brief details of the proposal:
What: Oyster farming. From seed or half-grown to full grown. Bags on frames in the inter-tidal section of the bay (so, covered at high tide, uncovered at low tide). To be tended by tractors.
Where: Off The League, south towards Reen Pier (see the map above)
How big: 3 hectares (about 3 rugby pitches)
Who: AG Oysters, France

The address to write to is:
(For the attention of the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine)
Department of Agriculture, Food and The Marine
Aquaculture and Foreshore Management Division
National Seafood Centre
Clonakilty Co. Cork P85 TX47

Recommended email address for your comments: (clicking this link will automatically open your email client and insert a subject line with the application number)

Contact form for DAFM Choose the “Sea Fisheries” category and then the “Aquaculture Licensing Section” sub-category. (Application number 250219)
Contact page for DAFM (Application number 250219)

Here is a template for a letter of objection, kindly provided by the Castletownshend Rowing Club. You may wish to change it in ways which better express your own opinions.
Objection to Oyster Farm (Template) (RTF)
Objection to Oyster Farm (Template) (DOC)

The formal application by AG Oysters:

The formal statement of environmental impact (including a passing reference to sewage):
Castlehaven Bay Natura Screening for Aquaculture 250219 (PDF)

Anne MacNulty

Anne MacNulty
The South Cork Sailing Club regrets to announce the death of Anne MacNulty, wife of our long time esteemed member Gerry MacNulty.
Death Announcement at

Tim Chavasse

5th. January 2019
It is with regret that we announce the death of Tim Chavasse, a long-time member of the South Cork Sailing Club.

Robin Somerville’s Address for Nick Somerville’s memorial service

Brigadier Sir Nicholas Somerville CBE

Brigadier Sir Nicholas Somerville CBE

First of all on behalf of the family may I welcome you all here to Odiham and thank you all so very much for coming. Thank you, Philip Morgan, for officiating and thank you, Philip Napier, for your wonderful tribute to my father’s military career. May I just add that we had hoped to have my father’s brother in law and very close friend Jeremy Nash here with us today, but as some of you will know sadly he passed way last Friday. So our thoughts and prayers today are also with Naomi, Angela, Veronica and the rest of Jeremy’s immediate family.
Having discussed how to sum up my father’s qualities in some depth with my sisters Pippa and Penny we thought we could best do this in four distinct ways.

The key attributes that made up his persona – wisdom, integrity, compassion and courage – were evident throughout his life, not only to us his children but also to everyone who knew him.

Let’s take his wisdom first. My father was always someone who people went to for advice. He had an uncanny knack of not only being interested in any kind of difficult situation or challenge but of putting himself in the position of the person concerned, understanding the scale of the challenge and what might be done about it. This mind-set was routinely applied to all kinds of situations throughout his life, but perhaps was best evidenced by the way he used the experience gained during his last Army posting at the RCB in Westbury to help so many young people, particularly from this area, to gain enough self-confidence and self-belief to do themselves justice when being interviewed for university.

He was appointed by a number of prominent independent schools to visit the school and give individual instruction and coaching sessions to sixth formers, and the fact that these appointments lasted for so long a is a testament to how effective they were. Indeed, the letters which my mother has received from so many people, now not so young, of the help, encouragement and support that he provided bears testimony to this tremendous quality of his.

Of course, we as a family have all gained as well from his wisdom. Let’s start with the basics – I guess I’m biased, but marrying my mother was a pretty wise choice. Deciding to build onto his mother in law’s cottage was another wise decision as the current Deptford Cottage was built, a home that has brought pleasure to so many.

Then came more wise moves – perhaps one of the best was using a couple of unexpected family bequests to invest in his beloved Castletownshend – the first of these being in 1969 with the purchase of Seashell Cottage, the scene of some wonderful holidays for his children in particular during the heady days of the 1970s, and the second in 1983 when he was wise enough to invest in a ruin overlooking the harbour, which he and my mother transformed and named Cashelmara – which translates as a pile of rocks by the sea –which then heralded a further remarkable era during which he and my mother presided over the most wonderful holidays with their seven grandchildren.
But back home in England, my father’s wisdom helped each one of his children in so many different ways, and always when we really needed his help and direction.

He always encouraged us to form our own opinions about everything and was quite happy not to agree with all of it – indeed he actively encouraged the development of other points of view. That being said, he had no expectations about his children and always respected the choices that we made, even when he had no experience of what we wanted to do. For example, he always encouraged Pippa into going into medicine while never, thankfully, expecting me to follow in his footsteps as a soldier!

For my own part, I’ll never forget the wisdom that he displayed during an incident that occurred at my own 21st birthday party in 1980 when four or five mean looking gate crashers managed to mingle with the guests. He dealt with the situation with an absolute minimum of fuss, ensuring that the party continued on and that the people concerned left quickly without leaving any impression on the event. It really was a masterpiece of diplomacy that was so typical of him.

So all through our lives, through all the ups and downs as our personas have evolved, my father has always been there for us, always interested, always caring, always doing everything he could to help. We’ve all befitted so much from it.

Away from the family, it was another wise decision to accept the offer to take on the challenging task of redesigning the entire interviewing process for selecting Conservative MPs, as he proved his ability to overhaul the existing system so well, and so thoroughly that even Mrs Thatcher approved – quite an achievement!

I think it’s fair to say that the Conservative party of the 1980s was not necessarily an institution that instinctively knew the right qualities required for a successful candidate in the new social structures and norms which were beginning to emerge during this period, but in many ways my father was ahead of his time, and maybe that’s why he was subsequently honoured for his work. Having been brought up at Winchester to question widely held social assumptions, my father had exactly the right mind-set not only to challenge the existing orthodoxy but to suggest an alternative strategy that was not only workable and effective but also persuasive enough to convince the powers that be that it was going to work.

The second aspect of my father’s personality which was evident to all who knew him was his integrity. Like his own father, he was as straight as a die when it came to his dealings with all who he came across. He was a man who could be absolutely guaranteed to be absolutely true to his word. We always trusted him. We always believed him. We knew he would always deliver.

But what’s more, others did too. Perhaps this aspect of his character was brought out most strongly during his long tenure as Commodore of the South Cork Sailing Club from 1987 to 2005. During this time the club, which had seen its numbers reduce a little during the 1980s, went from strength to strength as, in partnership with the redoubtable Robert Salter-Townshend, more and more members joined, the procedures were simplified, and the social activities vastly improved.

It was a wonderful time for the club as between them my father and Robert oversaw the transformation from Anglo-Irish institution into a modern Irish holiday club, with those in charge able to communicate effectively with all members, old and new. Throughout his time as Commodore I think it’s fair to say that all the club members felt included and that their opinions were listened to, and I guess the proof of the pudding was the wonderful reception that the whole club gave to both of my parents at the flagstaff on the occasion of their golden wedding in 2001.

The third key aspect of my father’s personality was his compassion. He cared. About people. About issues. About the things he believed in. Philip has already addressed this side of my father’s personality in terms of how he cared for the soldiers under his command, but the Army was by no means the only beneficiary of his compassion and care for others.

I’ve already mentioned how all our family have befitted from his wisdom – I guess his compassion helped us enormously when times were tough and we instinctively reached out to him for help. We in his family have always felt it when times were tough; where other parents might have been tempted to be judgemental and critical, he never was. He just felt for us deeply and was always looking for solutions to our trials and tribulations rather than any recriminations.

As well as Ireland, My father cared deeply about this wonderful part of Hampshire. I’m not sure that everyone here knows that for many years he was the local branch secretary of the Campaign to Protect Rural England. He was always to the forefront in promoting and protecting the integrity of Greywell as a village and felt passionately about the danger of over-development.

Although he was always pragmatic enough to realise the inevitability of change, he was determined that the wonderful character of Hampshire village life should be preserved as far as possible and that change should be blended in gradually rather than all at once.

My father also served as Church Warden at St Mary the Virgin Church in Greywell for many years, leading the amalgamation process of the five parishes which constitute the current structure of the benefice. During this time he led the annual carol service in the village hall and read the names of the war dead on Remembrance Sunday. His quiet faith was more about deeds than about words but was by no means less genuine for that.

Finally, his fourth major quality – my father was a man of courage. Perhaps that goes without saying – he was an army officer after all. But there are lots of different forms of courage. Philip has talked about D-Day, about Malaysia, about Aden.

But I just want to mention the incredible courage and fortitude shown by him over fifty years of suffering from arthritis in his hips. Despite a total of five hip operations, the technology available to him in the 70s and 80s was not advanced enough to deliver pain free, flexible movement and sadly he was never to move his legs really freely again.

But he never complained, not once. Not even when one of his artificial hips snapped one day when he was catching a train home from Waterloo station in the early 1980s and he had to drag himself onto the train, lie on the floor of the train all the way to Hook and then drag himself over the railway bridge and to a phone booth to phone my mother, who as luck would have it was thankfully at home at the time. Even at the end, in hospital following his stroke, where he was looked after so well by Pippa, Penny and his grand-daughter Em, during his lucid moments his thoughts were only for my mother and her wellbeing.

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen – a man of wisdom, of integrity, of compassion and of courage. My mother, Pippa, Penny and I and the rest of the family all miss him dreadfully already. But we remain so proud of him. So proud of the man that he was. So proud of his achievements. So proud of his wonderful personal qualities. But above all, speaking for all of us, we’ll miss his sense of fun, that twinkle in his eye. He had a wonderful sense of humour and always loved a party. He would have been in his element greeting everyone today, and would have been so interested to hear how you are all getting on. Thank you again for coming.

(Thanks to Richard Salter-Townshend for forwarding the text and to Emma Bunting for persuading Robin to send us a copy)

Nick Somerville

Brig. Sir Nicholas Somerville CBE
We regret to note that our Senior Member & retired Commodore, Brig. Sir Nicholas Somerville has died. The Club will greatly miss him.

From the announcement in The Times:
SOMERVILLE Brig Sir Nicholas CBE on 9th September 2018, aged 94. Died peacefully in hospital on Sunday 9th September, surrounded by his family. Adored husband of his wife Jen, father to Philippa, Penelope and Robin and much-loved grandfather and great-grandfather. The funeral will be private but a thanksgiving service will be held at All Saints Church, Odiham, at 2pm, on Thursday 29th November.

From Burkes:
He was the son of Brigadier Desmond Henry Sykes SOMERVILLE CBE MC (1889-1976) of Drishane House, Co Cork, sometime head of that Irish gentry family, and Moira Burke (1891-1976), daughter of Hon Alexis Charles Burke ROCHE (1853-1914), scion of the barons FERMOY, and Hon Lucy GOSCHEN (1858-1909) daughter of 1st Viscount GOSCHEN. In 1951 he married Jenifer Dorothea Nash, daughter of Capt Walter Macdonald NASH OBE RN of Point House, Castletownshend, co Cork, and had a son and two daughters. Through their common Fermoy ancestry, Diana Princess of Wales was Sir Nicholas Somerville’s 2nd cousin once removed.

Nick committed some of his remembrances to tape for the Irish Life and Lore project.

SCSC 2018 – That concludes our program

Racing is over for the season.
Thanks for all the fun and the friendly competition.
See you at the AGM this evening, 6:30pm at the Rowing Club Boathouse.

SCSC 2018 – No racing Tuesday afternoon august 14th

SCSC 2018 – No racing Tuesday afternoon august 14th
Meet at 10am Wednesday morning to decide about singlehanded races

SCSC 2018 – Standings Midday Thursday August 9th

Champ standings after 3 races

ClassNameHelmPtsPtsPtstotalworstpoints so far after discard
EtteCoquetteRobin Somerville14129351421
EtteSagetteFionn Ferreira87419811
EtteRocketteAdrian Masterson7136261313
EtteLillibetteJ. Doyle131113371324
EtteRouletteJames Gartside9614291415
EtteBlanquetteJan Panman6451569
EtteCouchettePatrick Taylor151010351520
Flying FifteenFfamily AffairDerek Bunting10916351619
Flying FifteenMy Ffair LadyEmma Bunting350.758.7553.75
Aero RS 5BaerowayTom Cochrane120.75820.75128.75
WayfarerSiolaSean Cochrane0.75224.7522.75
WayfarerLady P3Ben Thompson11812311219
WayfarerPeut EtreMichael Toogood431118117
WayfarerAiofeJerome Mayhew216321165
WayfarerScairbhinWilliam Wallis Jr.5167281612

Mini standings after 4 races

   R1R2R3R4Total PtsWorstFinal Pts
TopperBlueberrySam Thompson33371679
TopperZodiacCharlotte Mayhew44221248
TopperAllenJess Cochrane0.750.7540.756.2542.25
TopperBluejayFreddie Wallis669728919
TopperGeorgina The GreatCara Cochrane220.7537.7534.75
Topper 4.2GoslingArchie Harvey555722715

Opi standings after 6 races

   R 1R 2R 3R 4R 5R 6WorstFinal Pts
opiAwesome PowersBen Keane0.750.750.750.7570.7573.75
opiHullaballooDanny Thompson433377720
opiThe ChimpViolet Mayhew222222210
opiSailor GirlPhoebe Gartside344433417
opiOnionCharlie Harvey665577729

SCSC 2018 Standings Midday Wednesday August 8

SCSC 2018 Champ standings after 2 races

R1R2Total PtsWorstFinal Pts
EtteCoquetteRobin Somerville1412261412
EtteSagetteFionn Ferreira871587
EtteRocketteAdrian Masterson71320137
EtteLillibetteJ. Doyle1311241311
EtteRouletteJames Gartside961596
EtteBlanquetteJan Panman641064
EtteCouchettePatrick Taylor1510251510
Flying FifteenFfamily AffairDerek Bunting10919109
Flying FifteenMy Ffair LadyEmma Bunting35853
Aero RS 5BaerowayTom Cochrane12113121
WayfarerSiolaSean Cochrane0.7522.7520.75
WayfarerLady P3Ben Thompson11819118
WayfarerPeut EtreMichael Toogood43743
WayfarerAiofeJerome Mayhew21618162
WayfarerScairbhinWilliam Wallis Jr.51621165

SCSC 2018 Minis standings after 3 races

   R1R2R3Total PtsWorstFinal Pts
TopperBlueberrySam Thompson333936
TopperZodiacCharlotte Mayhew4421046
TopperAllenJess Cochrane0.750.7545.541.5
TopperBluejayFreddie Wallis66921912
TopperGeorgina The GreatCara Cochrane220.754.7522.75
Topper 4.2GoslingArchie Harvey55515510

SCSC 2018 Opi Standings after 4 races

   R 1R 2R 3R 4Total PtsWorsttotal bad pointsFinal Pts
opiAwesome PowersBen Keane0.750.750.750.7530.750.752.25
opiHullaballooDanny Thompson433313449
opiThe ChimpViolet Mayhew22228226
opiSailor GirlPhoebe Gartside3444154411
opiOnionCharlie Harvey6655226616

SCSC 2018 Championship Recall Letters

Boat NameHelm NameRecall Letter
AoifeJerome MayhewB
BaerowayTom CochraneY
BlanquetteJan PanmanA
CoquetteRobin SomervilleD
CouchettePatrick TaylorE
Ffamily AffairDerek BuntingF
Lady P3Ben ThompsonH
LilibetteJ. DoyleI
My Ffair LadyEmma BuntingN
Peut EtreMichael ToogoodO
RocketteAdrian MastersonQ
RouletteJames GartsideR
SagetteFionn FerreiraS
ScairbhinWilliam Wallis Jr.W
SiolaSean CochraneX

SCSC 2018 – Have you signed up to race?

Well, the Friday before the SCSC Sailing Week has arrived and there are a few boats getting in to the water, but we’re still a little behind on boat registrations.

Once again, we urge members to plan ahead as much as possible. To that end, we have a handy-dandy online form for you to fill in. We’ll get back to you with an estimate of the funds owed for your submission(s). It’s not a promise on your part, but it really helps us get an idea of what to expect at the foregathering meeting on Sunday evening.

You can also download a form, print it out and bring it with payment to the foregathering meeting on Sunday the 5th.

One new thing: We’ll be experimenting with a WhatsApp messaging group. It will be a low volume group and will provide details of courses, events and other relevant info. Chat on other subjects is OK if it’s stuff like “Can anyone give me a lift to the airport on Wednesday”. Stuff like “Wanna play golf and not sail?” will be strongly discouraged.

Please let Mark know if you have questions. His email is mark DOT zip AT gmail Dot com

As always, we’re looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

Please go here for the online form:

Please go here for the downloadable form:

Oh my! It’s already July! Time to think about sailing

Ettes in Castlehaven - SCSC
Another year has flown by and our thoughts turn to the fun, family and friends in Castletownshend and the South Cork Sailing Club. A reminder, the Championship starts on Monday August 6th, with the traditional RNLI race on Sunday the 5th.

Once again, we urge members to plan ahead as much as possible. To that end, we have a handy-dandy online form for you to fill in. We’ll get back to you with an estimate of the funds owed for your submission(s). It’s not a promise on your part, but it really helps us get an idea of what to expect at the foregathering meeting.

You can also download a form, print it out and bring it with payment to the foregathering meeting on Sunday the 5th.

One new thing: We’ll be experimenting with a WhatsApp messaging group. It will be a low volume group and will provide details of courses, events and other relevant info. Chat on other subjects is OK if it’s stuff like “Can anyone give me a lift to the airport on Wednesday”. Stuff like “Wanna play golf and not sail?” will be strongly discouraged.

Please let Mark know if you have questions. His email is mark DOT zip AT gmail Dot com

As always, we’re looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

Please go here for the online form:

Please go here for the downloadable form:

SCSC 2017 – Thursday August 10th

No race this morning. Meet again at 1:45pm