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SCSC 2017: Wednesday August 9th – No racing today

SCSC 2017: Wednesday August 9th – No racing today

Meet at 10am on Thursday morning to decide if we might race.

SCSC 2017 Championship Final Class Standings

   R1R2R3R4R5Total PtsWorstFinal Pts
EtteSagetteRui Ferreira0.750.750.750.750.753.750.753
EtteLilibetteMargaret Hannan631122241113
EtteRocketteAdrian Masterson5245319514
EtteRouletteJames Gartside2436520614
EtteBlanquetteJan Panman451134271116
EtteCouchettePatrick Taylor3754928919
EtteCoquetteRobin Somerville667116361125
EttePirouetteBen Cooke711279361125
Flying FifteenMy Ffair LadyEmma Bunting0.7520.7520.756.2524.25
Flying FifteenMach FfiveGerry McNulty20.7520.7527.525.5
Flying FifteenFfamily AffairDerek Bunting3333315312
LaserTom-Fool-A-RiPeter Buckley00000000
Laser RadialWet n WindyWilliam Wallis Jr.00000000
WayfarerPeut EtreMichael Toogood220.750.750.756.2524.25
WayfarerAoifeJerome Mayhew30.752229.7536.75
WayfarerLady P3Ben Thompson4344419415
WayfarerKiasu KidKatherine Toogood107833311021
WayfarerScairbhinWilliam Wallis Sr.0.75788831.75823.75
WayfarerSiolaDebbie Cochrane107888411031

SCSC 2017 Championship Final Standings

ClassNameHelmPtsPtsPtsPtsPtsTotal PtsWorstFinal
EtteSagetteRui Ferreira0.750.750.750.752523
WayfarerPeut EtreMichael Toogood35320.7513.7558.75
Flying FifteenMy Ffair LadyEmma Bunting4325418513
WayfarerAoifeJerome Mayhew9444324915
Flying FifteenMach FfiveGerry McNulty8263524816
EtteRouletteJames Gartside51071011431132
EtteRocketteAdrian Masterson117899441133
Flying FifteenFfamily AffairDerek Bunting10610127451233
EtteBlanquetteJan Panman71118710531835
EtteCouchettePatrick Taylor6149820572037
EtteLilibetteMargaret Hannan1691866551837
Laser RadialWet n WindyWilliam Wallis Jr.16811118541638
EttePirouetteBen Cooke201951316732053
WayfarerLady P3Ben Thompson1213141514681553
EtteCoquetteRobin Somerville1612141913741955
WayfarerScairbhinWilliam Wallis Sr.219181920782058
WayfarerKiasu KidKatherine Toogood2019181412832063
LaserTom-Fool-A-RiPeter Buckley2019181920962076
WayfarerSiolaDebbie Cochrane2019181920962076

SCSC 2017 Final Standings: Cadets

Final Standings Cadet Classes

R 1R 2R 3R 4R 5R 6R 7R 8R9Total Ptstotal bad pointsFinal Pts
OptimistPoseidonMatty Keane0.750.750.750.750.750.750.750.750.756.751.55.25
OptimistAwesome PowersBen Keane22222232219514
OptimistThe ChimpViolet Mayhew753343244351223
OptimistSailor GirlPhoebe Gartside735435433371225
OptimistHullabalooDanny Thompson749884555551733
OptimistOnionCharlie Harvey769889999741856
TopperJellybeanZach Thompson223320.750.7520.7516.25610.25
Topperred hullJess Cochrane63223333227918
TopperOnenineightTom Cochrane0.750.750.750.750.75878834.751618.75
TopperBlueberrySam Thompson34444240.75328.75820.75
TopperZodiacCharlotte Mayhew655884255481632
TopperBlue JayFreddie wallis10610888788732053

Final Standings Mini Championship

   Race 1R1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9Total Ptstotal of bad pointsFinal Pts
TopperJellybeanZach Thompson2224320.750.7520.7517.25710.25
Topperred hullJess Cochrane732233332281018
TopperBlueberrySam Thompson445556240.75334.751123.75
TopperOnenineightTom Cochrane10.750.750.750.750.751010111044.752123.75
Topper 4.2lilac hullCara Cochrane3343455555391029
TopperZodiacCharlotte Mayhew766644276481434
Toppper 4.2GoslingArchie Harvey111211101066610822359
TopperBlue JayFreddie wallis11811101010101110912269

SCSC 2017 – Thursday August 3rd – No morning racing

SCSC 2017 – Thursday August 3rd – No morning racing for Minis and Opis.

Regular afternoon meeting maybe delayed 15 minutes. Regular race time may be delayed 1 hour…. we’ll see

SCSC 2107 Championship Wednesday August 2nd – No racing this afternoon

No racing this afternoon
Winds very fresh and picking up

SCSC 2017 Championship Recall Letters

Boat NameHelmRecall Letter
AoifeJerome MayhewB
BlanquetteJan PanmanA
CoquetteRobin SomervilleD
CouchettePatrick TaylorE
Ffamily AffairDerek BuntingF
Kiasu KidKatherine ToogoodG
Lady P3Ben ThompsonH
LilibetteMargaret HannanI
Mach FfiveGerry McNultyJ
My Ffair LadyEmma BuntingN
Peut EtreMichael ToogoosdO
PirouetteBen CookeP
RocketteAdrian MastersonQ
RouletteJames GartsideR
SagetteRui FerreiraS
ScairbhinWilliam Wallis Sr.W
SiolaDebbie CochraneX
Tom-Fool-A-RiPeter BuckleyY
Wet n WindyWilliam Wallis Jr.Z

It’s time to register your boat(s) for the SCSC 2017 season

Another summer is with us and our thoughts turn to the Castletownshend sailing fortnight. We’re all looking forward to the fun, family and friendly competition.

Please let us know as soon as possible which boats and crews will be on the water this year.

Here is the page where you can sign up online:

This is probably the easiest and quickest way to do it. You’ll still want to confirm your entry and make your payments at the pre-race meeting on Sunday July 30th.

Here is where you can download a form and print it out:

Bring this form and make your payments at the pre-race meeting on Sunday July 30th.

Rachel Wallis RIP

Rachel Wallis accepts the Championship on behalf of William Wallis - SCSC 2013

Rachel Wallis accepts the Championship on behalf of William Wallis – SCSC 2013

We very much regret to inform all members of the death of our esteemed member and great friend, Rachel Wallis.

Rachel was a stalwart of the club, both on the water and off. When she was not sailing with family and friends, she was often Officer of the Day, lending a vital and steadying hand to the sometimes chaotic to-and-fro of running a sailing race. She was kind and firm in equal measure and always gave her all. She will be missed.

May she rest in peace.

EDIT: From the family:

We are so grateful for the support we have received during Rachel’s long illness. The funeral will be private, but as Rachel wished her Thanksgiving Service will be held at St Helen’s, Bishopsgate EC3A 6AT. This was the church where Rachel regularly worshipped. The service will take place on Monday 20th February at 3:00pm.

We are also having a smaller local service at All Saints’ Church, Long Sutton, Hampshire on Thursday 16th February at 3:00pm. We would be so pleased to see you at either or both services.

Sarah, Will, Wacky and Harriet.

Wednesday August 10 – No Ocean Race

Wednesday August 10 – No Ocean Race

Racing is concluded for the fortnight.

No racing Monday afternoon August 8

No racing Monday afternoon August 8

SCSC 2016 – Schedule for second week’s sailing

Sunday: Ettes sail for the Mahony Cup and others sail for the Wallis Cup
Monday: Ocean Race OR Novice / 2nd Series Races
Tuesday: Any of the above not yet sailed

Novice & 2nd Series, same race, different cups.

All are weather dependent. The Ocean race is the priority.

Wednesday August 3rd – All racing postponed

Alisdaire Hickson (CC)

Alisdaire Hickson (CC)

No racing today. Too much wind.

SCSC 2016 Championship – NOTE NEW Recall Letters

BlanquetteJ PanmanA
AoifeJ MayhewB
ClaretK ToogoodC
CoquetteR SomervilleD
CouchetteP TaylorE
Ffamily AffairD BuntingF
Kiasu KidA ToogoodG
Lady P3B ThompsonH
LilibetteM HannanI
Mach IG McNultyJ
MagpieS TchenL
Man UpC BuckleyM
My Ffair LadyE BuntingN
Peut EtreM ToogoodO
PirouetteB CookeP
RocketteA MastersonQ
RouletteJ GartsideR
SagetteR FerreiraS
SandpiperR TaylorT
ScairbhinW Wallis Sr.W
SiolaS CochraneX
Tom-fool-a-RiP BuckleyY
Wet n WindyW Wallis Jr.Z

SCSC Programme 2016

SUNDAY 31st. July . 3 pm Sunday Race Maritime Week Cup. Put your name on the board, pay at the Pre-race meeting.

SUNDAY 31st. July, Pre-Race meeting 6 pm in the Rowing Club. Subscriptions taken, races planned, bookings/money taken by Fiona Tchen for dinner in Mary Ann’s on 5th..

MONDAY August 1st… Championship racing starts

TUESDAY 2nd … BBQ Castlehaven Strand. Letter P for Fancy Dress.

THURSDAY 4th. Lough Hyne Hike for Cadets 5.30 pm.

FRIDAY 5 th. Dinner Mary Ann’s 8 pm

SUNDAY 7th. Ette Race for Mahony Cup

MONDAY 8th. Treasure Hunt @ Fuchsia. 7 pm

THURSDAY 11th. A.G.M. Rowing Club 6.30 pm.


Time to think about the 2016 SCSC Regatta! – Fill out the pre-race form

Before the start, August 5th, 2013
This year’s Regatta is approaching! With less than one month until we are on the beautiful waters of Castlehaven, it’s time to prepare for the fun.

As a first step, how about filling in the form you’ll need at the pre-race meeting? It’s a good way to get thinking about who will be helming which vessels.

You can find the form at http://southcorksailingclub.com/boat-and-crew-submission/

That page also contains a downloadable, printable form, if you’d rather do it that way.

More breaking news from the Cadets Alumni

topper fleet

Last year Jess Cochrane placed second in the SCSC Opi Cahmpionship. Last week Jess took part in the International Topper Regatta Fleet Summer Championships 2015 in Weymouth. Jess placed 4th overall and was the highest ranking girl. Congratulations to Jess from her home-away-from-home Club!

Here’s Jess (and Charlotte) with thei Opi trophies last year:

We’re trying to chase down the official results sheet and event report. If you know where it is please let us know.

SCSC 2015 – No Ocean race – Wednesday August 12th, 2015

SCSC 2015 – No Ocean race – Wednesday August 12th, 2015 – Beautiful sunny day, but no wind.

Congratulations to Tom Cochrane on his 10th place in the World Topper (4.2) Championships!

Day 5 at the Topper World Championships 2015 - photo © Elena Giolai / Fraglia Vela Riva

Day 5 at the Topper World Championships 2015 – photo © Elena Giolai / Fraglia Vela Riva

In 2014, Tom Cochrane placed second in the South Cork Sailing Club Cadets Regatta. He was not with us in 2015 because he was at the Topper World Championships at Riva del Garda in Italy. With fourteen races and two discards, Tom’s point total was 90. This meant that he came tenth. In the world! A hearty congratulations from Tom’s home-away-from-home club.

A look at the results list shows us that Tom was definitely getting the hang of the location, with his highest placing coming in the very last race. Of the nine places above him in the final standings, five went to locals. Interestingly, a further two places went to sailors from the royal Cork Yacht Club.

Here is full report on the last day of the Championships

Here is a page with a series of reports about the other races.

2015 Topper 4.2 World Championship – Riva del Garda – Results

SCSC 2015 – Cadets – Provisional Standings after Race 3


SCSC 2015 – Minis and Opis – Provisional Standings after Race 3         
Race 1Race 2Race 3Provisional Points after Race 3
OptimistThe ChimpCharlotte Mayhew10.7510.7510.751.5
OptmistWhite SpiritMatty Keane2222ret54
OptimistBananaA Harvey5533336
OptimistHullabalooSam Thompson4444226
OptimistOnionDanny Thompson338447
TopperFlutter ByShane Buckley10.7522222.75
TopperJawsFionn Fereirra2210.75333.75
TopperJellybeanZach Thompson333310.754.75
TopperBaby BlueA Salter-Townshend4455448
IDRA 14Sea UrchinAnna Tchen55775510
TopperDrishane TopperThomas Somerville6644910
TopperTbirdsAR Webb-Cooke7766913

SCSC 2015 – Provisional Champ and Class Standings after Race 4

  SCSC 2015 – PROVISIONAL Standings after Race 4         
Race 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Provisional Points after Race 4
WayfarerScairbhinWilliam Wallis Sr.10.7510.7510.75222.25
WayfarerAoifeJerome Mayhew223344449
WayfarerPeut EtreMichael Toogod335533339
EtteLilibetteBridget Aylmer131344229915
EtteSagetteRui Ferreira121222558815
LaserTom-fool-a-RiPeter Buckley557788141420
WayfarerLady P3Ben Thompson771313995521
Flying FifteenMy Ffair LadyEmma Bunting9999667722
WayfarerWhispering GrassN. Lee441212772023
EtteRocketteAdrian Masterson21881010111129
EttePirouetteRobin Somerville15151616141410.7529.75
Flying FifteenFfamily AffairDerek Bunting8811111616131332
WayfarerAmerican PieAlex Toogood6666222032
LaserMan UpCian Buckley1010141411111735
Laser 4.7Wet n WindyWilliam Wallis Jr.1414151517176635
LaserFrankensteinSasha Tchen111117171212151538
EtteBlanquetteJan Panman18101013131740
EtteRouletteJames Gartside1616211515121243
EtteCouchettePatrick Taylor18181822101046
WayfarerEau de ViePascal Tchen171720201818161651
DayboatMach IIGerry McNulty211919221757
1720Smile and WaveBen Cooke2124222063
IRDA 14Sea UrchinTchen2124222063
SCSC 2015 – Minis and Opis – Provisional Standings after Race 3           
Race 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Provisional Points after Race 3
OptimistOnionCharlotte Mayhew2210.7510.7510.751.5
OptimistThe ChimpSam Thompson10.75222210.752.75
OptimistBananaMatty Keane3333ret510.756
OptimistHullabalooA Harvey55443310.757
OptmistWhite SpiritDanny Thompson44dns84410.758
TopperFlutter ByShane Buckley10.75222210.752.75
TopperJawsFionn Fereirra2210.753310.753.75
TopperJellybeanZach Thompson333310.7510.754.75
TopperBaby BlueA Salter-Townshend44554410.758
IDRA 14Sea UrchinAnna Tchen55775510
TopperDrishane TopperThomas Somerville6644910.7510
TopperTbirdsAR Webb-Cooke7766910.7513

SCSC 2015 – Provisional Standings after Race 3

PROVISIONAL Champ Standings after 3 races         
Race 1Race 2Race 3Provisional Points at end race 3
WayfarerScairbhinWilliam Wallis Sr.10.7510.7510.751.5
WayfarerAoifeJerome Mayhew2233445
EtteLilibetteBridget Aylmer131344226
WayfarerPeut EtreMichael Toogod3355336
EtteSagetteRui Ferreira121222557
WayfarerWhispering GrassN. Lee4412127711
LaserTom-fool-a-RiPeter Buckley55778812
WayfarerAmerican PieAlex Toogood66662212
Flying FifteenMy Ffair LadyEmma Bunting99996615
WayfarerLady P3Ben Thompson7713139916
EtteRocketteAdrian Masterson2188101018
Flying FifteenFfamily AffairDerek Bunting881111161619
LaserMan UpCian Buckley10101414111121
EtteBlanquetteJan Panman181010131322
LaserFrankensteinSasha Tchen11111717121223
EttePirouetteRobin Somerville15151616141429
Laser 4.7Wet n WindyWilliam Wallis Jr.14141515171729
EtteRouletteJames Gartside161621151531
WayfarerEau de ViePascal Tchen17172020181835
EtteCouchettePatrick Taylor1818182236
DayboatMach IIGerry McNulty2119192240
1720Smile and WaveBen Cooke21242243
IRDA 14Sea UrchinTchen21242243
 PROVISIONAL Class Standings after Race 3       
Race 1Race 2Race 3Provisonal class Points after race 3
EtteSagetteRui Ferreira10.7510.7521.5
EtteLilibetteBridget Aylmer222213
EtteRocketteAdrian Masterson83336
EtteBlanquetteJan Panman54448
EttePirouetteRobin Somerville335558
EtteRouletteJames Gartside447610
EtteCouchettePatrick Taylor56611
LaserTom-fool-a-RiPeter Buckley10.7510.7511.5
LaserMan UpCian Buckley223324
LaserFrankensteinSasha Tchen332235
WayfarerScairbhinWilliam Wallis Sr.10.7510.7511.5
WayfarerAoifeJerome Mayhew222234
WayfarerPeut EtreMichael Toogod333325
WayfarerWhispering GrassN. Lee445548
WayfarerAmerican PieAlex Toogood55449
WayfarerLady P3Ben Thompson6666511
WayfarerEau de ViePascal Tchen7777613

Announcement: Meet again at 14:45 Wednesday August 5th to set course (or not)

Announcement: Meet again at 14:45 Wednesday August 5th to set course (or not)

13:45 meeting: Could not see far side of harbour, let alone the markers further out.

SCSC – No morning racing – Wednesday August 5th

SCSC – No morning racing – Tuesday August 4th

Meet at 13.45 to decide course for Championship

(Possibly two races this afternoon)

SCSC Tuesday August 4th, 2015 – Afternoon race abandoned

notiH135 - no sailing

SCSC Tuesday August 4th, 2015 – Afternoon race abandoned

Too many boats over early in the race for safety boats to safely come to aid of boat sailing to to Flea. Later, one safety boat developed engine problems.