10 days or fewer to go – Please register your boat(s)

SCSC Register Your Boat(s)

SCSC Register Your Boat(s)
With the sailing fortnight less than two weeks away, it’s time to register your boat(s).

Getting this done sooner rather than later will help move things along at the foregathering meeting.

Especially with new Club Officers in the mix.

Please register online here: http://southcorksailingclub.com/boat-and-crew-submission/

Or, if you’d rather not fill in the online form, you can download and print a version here:

Please note new dues for 2019:
Multi-Class Boats €40 ||| Adult Helm €35 ||| Adult Crew €25 ||| Mini-Class Boats €20 ||| Cadet Helm €17 ||| Cadet Crew €10 ||| Any 3 boats €70 ||| Non sailing members €25 ||| Non sailing cadets €10 ||| Members not here this year €15

If you have trouble with anything here, please email:
“mark AT southcorksailingclub DOT com”