Race Report :MiniSeries Race 5 9th August 2014

The same wind direction as the previous day, though slightly stronger meant the same course as the previous day for the Minis and the Optimists, so interesting to see whether any lessons had been learned.

The start was brought forward by 10 minutes as the fleet was ready and the wind looking like it was strengthening, with William Wallis in Gosling leading the toppers off the line at 11.05 followed by Zach Thompson in Jely Bean, although behind him but just upwind were Shane Buckley in No Name and Tom Cochrane in Topper the World. Sea Urchin, three up again started down the line on port tack having to go about below the Toppers, with Alex Biggs in Blue Jay just behind.
At the Windward Mark it was Gosling round first ahead of Topper the World and No Name with Jely Bean fourth – these four sailing a majestically close race together. Sea Urchin made the mark just ahead of Blue Jay.
These positions held round the second mark Colonel’s with Jelly Bean passing No Name on the downwind leg to South Distance.
On the second lap Gosling tacked almost immediately off the South Distance mark, with Topper the World and Jely Bean crossing the harbour towards North Distance before tacking. This saw Topper the World close slightly on Gosling by the next mark. 
On this leg, No Name suffered an inadvertent capsize when the tiller extension got caught in the main sheet, seeing Shane take an early bath, and resulting in Alex Biggs and Sea Urchin getting ahead of No Name at the windward mark.  These positions held all the way to the downwind mark at Harbour.
No dramas rounding the mark, but on the final beat Topper the World took a different line and got up to finish just ahead of Gosling with Jely Bean in third ahead of Blue Jay.  Another close fought race, well won by Tom Cochrane.
Optimist Class

Joining the Optimist class on the line was Poppy the Oppie, helmed by Magnus Garson, making a fleet of 5 with The Chimp, Onion, Always Optimistic and Van Persie.
First off the line was The Chimp followed by Poppy the Oppie and Onion with Always Optimistic and Van Persie just downwind.
Rounding the Windward mark in the same order, with Van Persie going the long way round and falling into the same trap as No Name had the day before losing wind under the Mark off the northern shore.  
This saw the other four boats build up a large gap, rounding Colonel’s in the same order. with a strong wind for the run down to Harbour.  Interestingly Onion was the only boat running to Harbour on the starboard tack with the other three boats on Port tack.
The Chimp just touched the mark on rounding Harbour letting Poppy the Oppie get ahead while Charlotte fulfilled her penalty 360.  And with Onion gybing just before the mark, Always Optimistic managed to squeeze inside rounding the mark just ahead.making for a fascinating final beat.
Poppy the Oppie helmed by Magnus Garson, crossed the line ahead of The Chimp, with Sam Thompson in Onion fighting hard on a different tack to get ahead of Always Optimistic, retaking third place on the line, with Van Persie bringing up the rear, finding the flooding tide an immovable force!
A great race for all..