2010 AGM Minutes

This was held on Thursday 12th. August @ 18.00 hrs. in the Rowing Club [by kind permission].

The Commodore and 48 members were present, he welcomed the members to the 105th. A.G.M. of the S.C.S.C. He welcomed especially, Jeremy Nash, who had been a member here for many years and who was now here to celebrate his 90th. Birthday.

Apologies were received from Barry Lordan, Frank Keane, Frits Panman, Roger & Julie Pisani, Mattie Thavenot & Carolyn, Robin Somerville & family, Martyn Todd & family, Dermot Flynn, Alastair Gornall, Ken Cairns, Canon George Salter, Katie Gartside, Harriet Harvey, Wacky Biggs and Venetia Wingfield.

The minutes of the last meeting have already been circulated to the members. It was proposed by Mike Toogood and seconded by Derek Bunting that these minutes be adopted. This was passed and signed.

Matters arising
The new buoys are a huge success.

Patrick Taylor and his chain-gang made a great clearance of the viewing area by Somerville’s boathouse. Tom Somerville is delighted.

A letter from the local branch of the RNLI has been received thanking the S.C.S.C. for their contribution from the Sunday race and quiz, which added to the Maritime Service, came to a total of € 820 for 2009. The Rowing Club also thanked us for the €200 for the use of their premises.

The Hon. Treas. reported that we began the year with €6629.84 and closed with €5464.05. The finances are in a healthy position, our one big expense this year was the purchase of the chains, ropes and anchors for the new buoys, the buoys themselves having been paid for by an anonymous donor, to whom we are most grateful.

The adoption of these accounts was proposed by Sarah Wallis, seconded by Nick Lee and passed. The Hon. Treas. was thanked for her presentation of the accounts and for her work in the club.

Remarks by Commodore
The Commodore opened his remarks by saying what a wonderful fortnight of sailing & racing we had had. We had fantastic weather with some very good winds to test the helmspeople. 23 races in all were sailed to complete the programme.

This year there was no doubt but experience triumphed over youth. Derek Bunting was the Overall Champion for the first time, after 40 years of competing and at 78 becomes the oldest ever to win the Championship. The Ocean Race was won by Gerry MacNulty and he also took the Single -handed Championship, Gerry at 66, another very experienced helmsmsn, while the Ette Championship was won by Jan Panman, a mere youth at 63 years old.

It was good to see No. 12 back racing again.

The Wayfarer Class provided some very good racing with Sean Cochrane, Mike Toogood, Rupert Taylor and William Wallis all winning races.

The Mini Series and the Optimists provided some great racing with the Overall championship going to the last race when William Toogood beat his sister, Alex, by a matter of feet, to take the Cup.

On shore activities went very well, the BBQ was well attended with lots of fun and games and a musical interlude by Rui & Anke Ferreira. Special thanks for this event go to Katherine, Ben, Rui, Wacky, Wills, Stephen & Emma.

The dinner/dance was very successful and enjoyable and was well organised. Our thanks to Debbie Cochrane & Mark Salter-Townshend for a job really well done.

The Treasure Hunt was well supported and great fun was had by all and people learnt more about the village.

The Quiz was enjoyable and between the quiz, the Maritime Service and the Sunday race, €885 was raised for the RNLI.

The Commodore said that thanks are due to many people:-
—–to Mark & Sarah Evans for the use of the flagpole, gifts of appreciation will be taken to them when they arrive on Saturday.
——to Patrick Taylor and his chain-gang for clearing the viewing area.
——to Fergus O’Mahony for his continued sponsorship.
——to all the O.O.Ds and their helpers, especially Sarah Wallis, Richard, Caryl, Emma, Mark Pisani and Freda.
——to the Safety Boat Officers, Tony and Simon, who did a superb job and between them were out there for the 23 races, also Tim Coe & Sandpiper who came out for lots of races. Tony & Simon reported that volunteering for safety boat crews was excellent. The Commodore also added that it was not every club could boast that their Chief Safety Boat Officer was also a local coastguard, the club is indeed fortunate to have Tony McKennedy in this position.
——to our Racing Secretaries, Mike & Jan Og and the inspired co-option of Mark Pisani. He had all the courses posted on the website within minutes of them being set. Results were up immediately and posted on the web, photos appeared and even a video and running commentary of one race, courtesy of Richard.
——to Gerry MacNulty and Zachary Thompson for helping him to lay the new marks which are a great success, again many thanks to our anonymous sponsor.
——to the Rowing Club for the use of their clubhouse.
—— a special thanks to Gerry MacNulty for all his work during the year and for his support to the Commodore.

The Commodore thanked Freda for all the work she does for the club, not just in her role as Hon. Treas. but at the flagpole, keeping the notice board up to date, organising the on-shore events and keeping him from being too grumpy !!

Finally, he thanked all the members for their example on and off the water and for upholding the tradition of the S.C.S.C.

The Club goes from strength to strength and he hopes it will for many years to come.

Mike Toogood proposed a vote of thanks to the Commodore and Freda for all the work they do for the Club, this was passed with acclamation.

These resulted as follows :-
Senior Members – Brig. Sir Nicholas & Lady Somerville.
Commodore – Robert Salter-Townshend
Hon. Sec. – Robert Salter-Townshend
Hon. Treas. – Freda Salter-Townshend
Racing secretaries – Mike Toogood, Jan Og Panman & Robin Somerville with power to co-opt in 2011
I.S.A. Rep. – Ken Cairns
Safety Boat officer – Tony McKennedy
Assistant Safety Boat officer – Simon Bunting
WebMaster – Mark Pisani

Captains in the following classes to be elected at the pre-race meeting in 2011
Day Boats
Flying 15s
Officers in charge of cadets

Target date for racing in 2011 & 2012
2011 Sunday Race for Maritime Cup Sunday 31st July,
Championship racing Monday 1st. August

2012 It was brought to the attention of the meeting that the Olympics would clash with our sailing fortnight in 2012. Following a short discussion as to whether we should change our dates, a vote was taken and by a large majority it was decided to remain as we are so racing in 2012 will start on Sunday 5th. August.

No change.
Multi-Class boats €35
Adult helm €30
Cadet helm €12
Mini-Class boats €15
Adult crew €20
Cadet crew € 5
Any 3 boats €60
Non-sailing members €20
Non-sailing cadets €5
Members not here this year €10

It was decided to ask John Hegarty to paint the timber safety boat before next season.

Mark Pisani asked for pictures etc. for the website.

Treasure Hunt. The Commodore said that he and Freda feel that the Treasure Hunt needs an input of younger folk but they would continue to host it. Mark Salter-Townshend offered to discuss it with Richard over the winter and to come up with some new ideas.

It was decided to continue with the dinner/dance in the small room in the West Cork hotel and also the BBQ on Castlehaven beach with the letter K for fancy dress.

It was also decided to change the time of the A.G.M. to 18.30 hrs. in future.

The Commodore announced that after the meeting there would be drinks and eats in Mary Ann’s gallery at no charge to the members.

Before the presentation of Cups, presentations were made to Tony McKennedy and Simon Bunting for all their work as safety boat Officers and for the use of their RIBS. As Tim Coe was not at the meeting his presentation will be made later.

There being no further business the meeting closed and the Cups and Trophies were presented by Freda Salter-Townshend.