Ettes Race for the Mahony Cup – August 7 2011

Wind: F1-2
Course: Flea – Castlehaven – Cosheen – Flea – Castlehaven – Cosheen
After two false starts caused by five and then four boats over the line, the sailors were threatened with disqualification were they to be over the start line on the third attempt. Immediately after the start there was a starboard incident which resulted in Pirouette incurring a 720 penalty. Nonetheless, Pirouette was able to catch up with the fleet by the first mark and commanded a solid lead thereafter. The course was shortened to exclude a second visit to the Flea, Castlehaven and Cosheen marks due to a lack of wind.

Position – Name – Helm
1 Pirouette J Mayhew
2 Collette J O’Brien
3 Blanquette J Panman
4 Lilibette R Ferreira
5 Roulette J Gartside
6 Ninette S Cochrane
7 Minuette P Butler
8 Rockette A Masterson
9 Sagette G Miller

General Race
Wind: F1-2
Position – Name – Helm
1 Ffamily Affair E Bunting
2 Mach II G MacNulty
3 Claret M Toogood
4 Christina D Bunting
5 Kiasu Kid W Toogood
RTD Sandpiper P Taylor