Landfall Cottage available Summer 2011

Landfall Cottage - Irish holiday home for rent

Freda has kindly allowed me to send out a brief email about the summer availability of our house, Landfall Cottage.

As you may know, my parents Roger and Julie, usually spend a good part of the summer at our house in Castletownshend (it’s the yellow door on The Mall). Unfortunately, Daddy broke his neck in a skiing accident this winter and, while he is healing well, they have both decided that they will have to forgo a trip to Castletownshend this summer.

So, their loss is a potential gain for other holiday makers. At the moment, the house is available on the following dates:

From now until May 13th
From the 6 of June to the morning of July 23
and from the afternoon of August 13th until whenever

If you are unfamiliar with Landfall Cottage, you can see more details at (please forgive some of the copy writing hyperbole, the site is mostly for Americans used to overwrought advertising!). Please feel free to pass the link around to friends or colleagues

Rates are 600 euros per week in May, June and September and 700 euros per week in July and August.

Please don’t hesitate to email me with questions.

All of the Pisanis will be sorry to miss Castletownshend this year, but we’ll look forward to next year all the more.


Mark Pisani