Mini and Opi Race 1 – 1 August 2011

Course: Mini
Col S –
CH S –
H S – –
Course: Opi –
Col S –
H S – –
Wind: F1
8 boats in total started together, 4 Opis and 4 in mini-series racing separate courses. The latter consisted of 3 Toppers and a Pico. Gentle winds were ideal for the first race of the series. Whilst looking like most boats would be over the start line with 3 minutes to go the young helms corrected themselves for an ‘all clear’ at the gun. Sinead McKennedy took the early lead in her Topper, with William Wallis doing the same in the Opis.
1. Topper – S McKennedy
2. Topper – P Tchen
3. Topper – S Tchen
4. Pico – C Buckley
1. W Wallis
2. T Cochrane
3. Z Thompson
4. O Toogood