Race Report: Minis and Opis – Race 3 – Thursday August 7th – 2014

In beautiful sunshine and a steady south westerly, the topper fleet with the Idris 14, today fully rigged, made a good start with Zach Thompson, Abbie Salter Townsend and Alex Biggs getting away first but Tom Cohrane starting just  behind but higher on the line a line that he managed to maintain, sailing closer to the wind to the 1st mark Colconel’s which he rounded just ahead of Zach T, with William Wallis rounding the mark third.  Abbie was 4th around closely followed by Alex Biggs and Shane Buckley.  The Idris 14 helmed by Pascale Tchen, three up, was last round the windward mark, but sailing well.

As the race progressed the leaders .held their positions while a good battle for 4th position ensued initially between Shane Buckley, Abbie Salter Townsend and Alex  Biggs, with them rounding the Harbour mark in that order but closely bunched.
On the second lap, Shane Buckley and Alex Biggs stretched out a lead over Abbie with Alex getting to the windward mark just ahead of Shane after a very neat tack just below the mark.
Tom sailed a very sound second lap, leading at the Harbour Mark ahead of Zach and William, and holding position today to finish 1st with Zach T and William second and third respectively.
Alex Biggs was closing all the time on the final beat, but Shane just managed to hold him off on the line, finishing 4th.
Abbie followed them in with Pascale Tchen crossing the line last, and finishing in that position after handicap taken into account.
Optimist Race
Another good start from Charloote Mayhew with Sam T close behind but down wind and James Biggs third off the line but sailing higher.  Jess Cochrane and Adam Salter Townsend were last away.  A good course sailed by Charlotte Mayhew, took her first around the windward mark, with Alex Biggs, who also sailed a good leg second round the mark with Sam T behind and Jess and Adam Salter T further  back.
Positions held around Cosheen to Harbour.  
Charlotte finished the race in first position with James Biggs in second, a really good result this being his first race of the championship.  
Sam T encountered some difficulty with his mainsheet on his final tack letting Jess Cochrane, who managed to maintain good speed all the way from Harbour on the final beat, in to finish third, with Sam T in 4th, and Adam Salter T bringing up the rear.
Another great morning’s sailing.