Result: SCSC 2016 – 2nd Series Races 1 and Novice Cup

Congratulations to Aoife, who won the 2nd series. She was helmed by Charlotte Mayhew in the first race and by Violet Mayhew in the second race. Violet also wins the Novice Cup, which was contested over the second race.

SCSC 2016 2nd Series Race 1 – Tuesday August 9
ClassNameHelmMinsSecsCorrected TimeOverall Position This RacePoints This Race
WayfarerAoifeCharlotte Mayhew324173810.75
WayfarerKiasu KidAlfie Denham3510190633
WayfarerLady P3Sam Thompson3815207366
WayfarerPeut EtreKatharine Toogood3540193355
Flying FifteenFfamily AffairShane Buckley3223191844
Flying FifteenMy Ffair LadyZach Thompson3156189122
SCSC 2016 2nd Series Race 2 and Novice CupTuesday August 9th
ClassNameHelmMinsSecsCorrected TimePosition This RacePoints This RacePoints Last RaceTotal Points
WayfarerAoifeViolet Mayhew409217610.750.751.5
WayfarerKiasu KidAlfie Denham422723013336
WayfarerLady P3Sam Thompson4344237066612
WayfarerPeut EtreKatherine Toogood421522902257
Flying FifteenFfamily AffairShane Buckley395023594448
Flying FifteenMy Ffair LadyTeddy Wilmoth40023695527
Aoife wins 2nd Series
Violet Mayhew wins Novice Cup