Result: SCSC 2017 – Mahony Cup and Wallis Cup – Sunday August 6th

Ettes in Castlehaven - SCSC
Ettes sailing for the Mahony Cup
NameHelmSail No.Overall Position
SagetteRui Ferreira61
RouletteJames Gartside132
RocketteAdrian Masterson143
PirouetteJerome Mayhew34
BlanquetteJan Panman165
CouchettePatrick Taylor176
Course: Flea:S – CH: S – H:S twice around

All-comers sailing for the Wallis Cup
ClassNameHelmMinsSecsCorrected TimeOverall Position This Race
Flying FifteenMy Ffair LadyEmma Bunting552232732
WayfarerAoifeNicky Leeret
WayfarerPeut EtreWill Toogood572531261
WayfarerKiasu KidMichael Toogood631734463
RS Aero 9Sean’s DinghySean Cochrane61835684