Minis and Opis – Race 5 – Saturday August 10th August, 2014

SCSC Cadet Championship 2014 – Race 5 – Saturday August 9th, 2014
ClassNameHelmOverall Position This RaceChamp Points This Race
TopperOn Top of the WorldTom Cochrane10.75
TopperJelybeanZach Thompson22
TopperGoslingWilliam Wallis33
TopperRed TopperShane Buckley44
TopperBluejayAlex Biggs55
TopperBaby BlueAbbie Salter-Townshend55
IDRA 14Sea UrchinPascal Tchen67
OptimistChimpCharlotte Mayhew
OptimistBananaJames Biggs
OptimistAlways OptimisticJess Cochrane
OptimistOnionSam Thompson
OptimistVan PersieAdam Salter-Townshend