Results: SCSC 2012 -Two Singlehanded Races – August 14th

Derek Bunting wins the Single handed competition.

William Toogood wins the Wayfarer Single Handed competition

SCSC 2012 Single Handed Race 1
ClassNameHelmMinsSecsCorrected TimeClass PositionOverall Position
EtteSargetteRui Ferreira36261754.411
Flying FifteenFfamily affairDerek Bunting30391799.412
Flying FifteenMy ffair ladyEmma Bunting30591818.983
Day BoatMach IIBen Thompson37421885.004
WayfarerSandpiperWilliam Toogood3501907.3615
WayfarerKiasu KidMichael Toogood35331937.3326
WayfarerAiofePaul Creedon Sr.36281987.2837
WayfarerTangoWilliam Wallis36381996.3748
WayfarerWhispering GrassNicky Lee36512008.179
Course: Start – W, F – S, CH – S, H – S, Finish - W

SCSC 2012 Single Handed Race 2
ClassNameHelmMinsSecsCorrected TimeClass PositionOverall Positionpoints this racepoints last raceTotal Points for Single Handed Competition
Flying FifteenFfamily affairDerek Bunting31421861.061.0.7522.75
Flying FifteenMy ffair ladyEmma Bunting3341941.292235
Day BoatMach IIBen Thompson41532094.173347
EtteSargetteRui Ferreira44392150.08440.754.75
WayfarerTangoWilliam Wallis40242201.63155813
WayfarerWhispering GrassNicky Lee4182241.60266915
WayfarerSandpiperWilliam Toogood41302261.58377510
WayfarerKiasu KidMichael Toogood42242310.63488412
WayfarerAiofePaul Creedon Sr.rtd9716
Start – W, Col – S, CH – S, H -S, South Pin – S, H – S, finish W